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Black Family Part 4



Okay these are some headcannons for Members of the Black family. (With Rabastan added in for fun and to fill up space) Just to warn you some of them may be a little gritty so be warned. Also my grammar isn't perfect so bah. 

Orion Black - Orion's father Arcturus worried what the family would become when Orion became head of the family since he found that his son was soft and didn't have the will or political power to be head of the family. When Arcturus became head of the family he married his son Orion to his second cousin Walburga (who he found a powerful woman able to rule the family) Orion spent his life as a pawn for the Death Eaters till his death.  

Walburga - A strict woman with a no nonsense personality. She made decisions for the family behind closed door and was a lot stricter when it came to disowning family members. Though if you where one of the few on her good side she would help you out any way she could, and she never pretended to like people she disliked.

Alphard - Alphard liked to tell jokes and tried to be lighthearted around family members, and had a deep love for them even though he was unpopular at family gatherings. He couldn't help but help out his nefew after he got disowned and ended up getting disowned himself. No pureblood would marry him after he got disowned and he wouldn't lower himself to marry even a half-blood.  He never joined the Death Eaters even though he held strongly to Pureblooded beliefs  

Cygnus Black - A high ranked Death Eater who was always disappointed by his lack of sons to fallow in his footsteps. He believed it wasn't proper for his daughters to be anything but house wives let alone Death Eaters. The only daughter he could say he was proud of was Narcissa who got married to a Death Eater instead of becoming one. He tried to get Bellatrix to settle into a marriage but being married to Rodolpus just gave her a partner in crime. He was able to easily disown Andromeda after she got with a muggleborn and didn't think much about it.  

Druella Rosier - Another true supporter of the Dark Lord and preached about him to her children like he was a god. She was insane much like her eldest daughter and perhaps just as cruel though her fieriness was suppressed since she married Cygnus and wasn't expected to be anything but a housewife.  

Sirius Black III - It became clear from a early age that they would have to disown Sirius. He did not have what it took to be a Black let alone lead the family. He was sorted into Gryffindor at school and almost imidietly turned his back on the family traditions. Walburga was waiting for something to disown him and running away was the biggest thing she could pin on him.

Regulus Black II - Regulus was always looking to impress, and was proud his family thought of him as the better son. (Even if at school he was rather unpopular) Everything he did was to impress his family even becoming a Death Eater. Once he was part of the Death Eaters reality took grip and ways of there new world order terrified him. When he learned of Horcruxes he knew he had to destroy them.

Bellatrix Black - Bellatrix loved the Dark Lord from the young age, and was known to speak of him as if she knew him long before she was part of his service. Insanity and the need to impress Voldemort drove her early crimes she later became not only the highest ranking female Death Eater, but one of Voldemort's most trusted.

Rodolpus Lestrange - Rodolpus was born of rape. His father was sold his mother from a pureblooded family who had caught her with a mudblood. Thinking the only way to make sure their family line stayed pure was to sell her to another pureblood. Mostly his mother was put under the influence of a love potion to make them look like an average family. Though he was not conceived under the potion giving him the ability to love (though it rarely showed) He loved Bella though her like of him only lasted for a short time, and the only reason he stayed away from her was due to the Dark Lord's threats unless he was to forget about their marriage.

Bonus - Rabastan Lestrange - Unlike his brother he was conceived under the use of a love potion. He never had the ability of love, and delighted in watching people get tortured. Besides being a murderer and a Death Eater He was a serial rapist through the first rise of Lord Voldemort, and was never caught for specifically that.    

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