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AU where Mafalda was not cut out



In J.K's early ideas of the fourth book of Harry Potter she included a distant cousin of the Weasleys that was sorted into Slytherin. She would of acted as a spy and got information from the children of Death Eaters and reported it back to Harry and his friends as a way to show off. She would of also been very intelligent and reviled even Hermione. Though J.K cut her out and replaced her with Rita Skeeter.

I for one would of loved to see Harry positively interacting with a Slytherin student, and since Mafalda is the daughter of a squib and a muggle (Does this make her muggleborn or halfblood?) it would be even more interesting to see her in Slytherin

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What Mafalda would be called would depend on who you ask. Some wizards would say a Squib is no different than a Muggle and call her Muggleborn (or worse depending) while others would say magical stock still counts, making her half-blood.