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When Worlds Collide

I have been wanting to do this picture for a long time. And you guys are lucky. Consistent bad weather has prevented me from going home this weekend. With my car firmly snowed into the parking lot, even traveling around base in this snow is not a casual endeavor. So I'm spending this weekend in front of my computer. Stepping out only on occasion to get some food at the mess. Gawd this weather is horrific.

Anyways, like I said, I've wanted to do this picture for a long time. Originally, it was going to be Link and Zero from the Megaman Zero series. But pairing Link against Samus just seemed more natural, they are both Nintendo characters after all. It was easy designing Link all sci-fi like. But designing a medieval armor version of Samus was rather tricky. I was going to go one step further by having sci-fi design of the Tri-force and a fantasy design of the Metroid symbol splashed against the backgrop going off in perspective, but it never turned out looking right.
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I like the fantasy styled armor for Samus.
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Oh YES. So very much YES :D
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This is amazing and creative, I like this.
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Science fiction Link and Medieval Samus Aran. This is creatively awesome! 
Sci Fi Link and Medieval Samus. ALL MY WIN!  Samus looks incredible! Even more awesome than usual!
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samus looks just epic
Both are simply awesome, Link as a Techno-Knight and Samus as a kind of Armored Mage. Any chance you would make more of these crossovers?
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Sci-fi Navi's programming in a nutshell:

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... These should me alt costumes for the new SSB o3o
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finally, at long last, a medieval Samus! :D. the sci-fi Link is a nice touch as well :) great job, keep it up.
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NINTENDO, MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This made my day. I've been looking for both a Sci-fi Link and a Medieval Samus for a while. This accomplishes both with a very cool flare.
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Fantasy X Sci-Fi, no better combination.
There are no words to describe the awesome I have just witnessed.
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Okay now this is Awesome!
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This is absolutely one of the most awesomely ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.

I just love the touch of Link have the sci-fi getup and Samus having more of a fantasy look. That dragon arm cannon…! That Beamsword of Evil’s Bane…! That cape…! ROBO-NAVI.

You're a genius. Great idea, wonderful execution.
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Mind you, if Link has access to the same tech that allows Samus to go Morph Ball, then that WOULD finally explain how he can carry so many items.
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Link is metroid styles and Samus is Zelda style.
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