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Well, here she is mares and gentlecolts. Easily the most requested character that I've received for My Little Mages. And before you ask, I will not do one of Flash Sentry, please do not bother asking. I honestly had trouble coming up with a creative spin to take on this character. Afterall, how much can you do to personify a character that is already human? I've opted to focus on taking her iconic outfit and reforming its basic layout and colour scheme into fantasy attire. Somewhat drawing inspiration from flamenco dancers and gypsy girls. Not until putting this together have I realized just how loud Sunset's colour scheme is. Like: borderline 80's hairband loud. Interesting enough, because she is only briefly seen as a pony in the first movie, I had almost forgotten that she is a unicorn. Prompting me to add her Focus-Gem embedded circlet halfway though colouring. Even though the pose is unintentionally similar to the one I did of Lyra (I didn't notice until it was too late to turn back), I really like how it turned out. She looks like she would fit right in with a lineup of Disney villains. Like a demonic Ezmeralda.

I wonder who's next to get the Mages face-lift? I know there's one character who's been a major part of the show since the beginning that I've completely overlooked... even though her kin have all joined the ranks of My Little Mages.
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