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Well, after spending a few years in art college, I tried to get into the animation industry. Realizing after a while that being an animator by far not the most stable career choice, I joined the navy. But my passion is still drawing and animation. I have a superhero comic called "Chillin' Civilians" that I've been working on for a number of years that I think you'll enjoy.
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Hey everyone, I'm finally back after 140 days of being trapped in a tin can with 250 other people. And I do mean trapped. As in no shore leave allowed at all because of Covid. We had port visits, naturally, but no one was allowed to leave the ship. It was a very difficult trip... and a sadly tragic one at that. A mere 3 days before we returned home, we lost one of our shipmates to sea. I did not know the guy personally, but it is a huge loss to the ship's company and devastating to think about what his family is going through right now. Like I imagine is the same with a lot of people, I won't be traveling to visit family this Christmas. It's alright, after that deployment, I really do not want to deal with airports or long flights. But I just wanted to say that I have returned, and I will probably get back to drawing once I've settled in. Happy Holidays, Everyone.
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Imma be real with you guys, after this week, you likely will not see me on this site until the end of the year. In one week's time I will be on deployment. Doing RIMPAC then a mission. I'm semi-off this week, the whole crew is under orders to quarantine ourselves at our homes with online lectures and scheduled time to come in and get tested for Covid-19. No one has it (that we know of) but the Brass are very keen on us sailing with the guarantee that we will not be taking the virus onboard with us. The sucky thing is that we can expect to have absolutely no port visits this entire deployment. Again, to ensure that we don't spread the virus to the crew. We may have wi-fi in the messes, but that is not a guarantee and it will likely be limited. But we'll see how things work out. I wish you all well and I'll be back around Christmas. See you on the other side.
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Inspired by the works of JonFawkes (https://www.deviantart.com/jonfawkes), I am thinking that I shall draw some scene interpretations of the My Little Pony show in the style of My Little Mages. I have already made one a long time ago as featured here https://derpibooru.org/1000698?q=artist%3ADidj (in case you are wondering, I didn't upload that one to DA because I wasn't sure how it would fly including the copyright material of the original screenshot). So, I am writing this journal entry to encourage you guys to submit scenes from the show that you would like to see me interpret as My Little Mages. I ask only that your suggestion include a link to a screencap of the exact fr
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Since you don’t want anything to do with my little Mages can I do drawings of it?

By all means, enjoy.

I admire that you're in teh navy. Kinda sucks since I didn't stay longer than 5 years, but here I am a veteran. Born in 1985, and still trying to find work in art, either in designing characters, illustrations, or just trying to draw hallmark cards. I admire your art and dedication.

Hi, just dropped by to say hi.

Hey I just wanna know. How do you do an art trade?

You go up to an artist who's artwork you admire, then you ask them: "hey, wanna do an art trade?"