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Hot Air Balloon


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I love this photo, she pretty and it looks wonderful. I like how all the coloring are you know around the same level, no super light and bright no super dark. The background is very good blurred like this and i like the colors of the balloons pickled.

Her outfit was a good choice and i like the bow in her hair. I think there is to much yellow colors down the bottom. Her arms seem to be in the right spots. Well done i am impressed by this, keep up the good work. you have amazing skills, good work. (:
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Thank you dear =)
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I saw this and thought "how beautiful!" instantly. The colors are crisp and very soft. Like pastel colors. The colors of the balloons and the clothes of the girl give the photo life and contrast the plain colors of the background quite nicely. It reminds me of childhood; very innocent, carefree, and oblivious to the evils of the world. It seems as if nothing else matters in the world, but those pretty balloons she holds on to. I'm not a photography expert, but I do enjoy looking at beautiful photography, and this is most certainly beautiful. A very lovely job here! Bravo!
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I really love this picture. She looks so amazing *__*
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WOW ,, it's wonderful :love: :love:
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keren warnannya bos
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awesome colours <3 wonderful.....!!! :D
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so wonderful...^^
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woow kereeeen!!!
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lovely pictures with lovely setting :heart:
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I like the atmosphere here, very sweet =)
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where is this place ?
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I love the colour combination! It's so nice <3
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asiik tonenya omm . ajarin donk ng.bikin tone ginian ? :D :D
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