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conky config

Conky config........
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dont run lol i using conky manager

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jak to "zainstalować", kiedy zostanie pobrane?

This forum is worthless. Nobody seems to post anything regarding the difficulties in getting a deviant selection up and running for conky. I too had the same problem that at least one other person had (hannah187) but no one (as far as I can see) ever responded

How would I install this fantastic conky using Conky Manager?

Thanks man. This is a great conky!

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Thanks man. This is a great conky!
Hi didi, it turns out closed down their soap service. Do you have another config on the weather widget?

Szukam dodatku do conky który pokaże mi kto kożysta w danym momencie z sieci wifi na moim routerze, ktory podpiety jest kablem do mojego kompa.
Czy twoj dodatek moze takie coś pokazać?

how can I use this theme for conky? how can I download it?
ok. I guess I couldn't find my way into or out of a paper bag!
I see cooments, I like the conky showing above, but clicking on the links here (above) do not take me to anything that looks like a download for the conky show... :(

Please help me out with a direct link...

Thank you very much, in advance!
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can you share the wallpaper?
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Wow! Which DE is this?

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It's openbox I believe
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hey guys, can some1 point out what i did wrong i keep getting the same error :(

Conky: invalid configuration file '/home/df/.conkyrc'

Conky: missing text block in configuration; exiting
***** Imlib2 Developer Warning ***** :
This program is calling the Imlib call:


With the parameter:


being NULL. Please fix your program.
idk if this will help u. it helped me when i was getting the error
change the window settings to

own_window_type override

i hope this helps you out
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can you tell me please who is that theme of the panel? what distribution is that? i have ubuntu 12.04 can i install? thanks!!!!
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please share me link of this wallpaper, thank you
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What's your gui? Is that gnome?
thanks for share
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Detalles completos para configurar conky y tenerlo en pocos minutos en: [link]
Full article with all the details for conky configuration and start in a few minutes at: [link]
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