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Prayer in my Torment
Prayer in my Torment
How worried I am and under
Anguish of the soul which shatters my nerves
That I cannot awaken without panic,
Dread for the day that opens, I who will weep…
Terror seizes me at sunrise,
I have no image for the terror,
Although I know of its cause,
Which still puts me under great heaviness, gloom.
Are my nerves and heart so sensitive now to
Conjure up the pressing anguish
Of the unfortunate? Does an artist need
The pain to make fine work?
I am ready to conjure the very
Anguish and lament of the fairy-women, mourners
Who warn of imminent death, suffering
Still like the artists must suffer.
O Brigid, I invoke You, my Lady-!
Is there not hope for me, O Healer?
A way by which I could heal myself or
Could control my pain? Have mercy on me…!
O Brigid, I would ask that You give to me
Strength that I may withstand my pain, my sorrow.
Alas, I feel the sorrows of fairy-women,
Worry that crushes me in the morning…!
O Aengus, I invoke You, my Lord-!
I wou
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May We Find Resolution
Gum Lorg Sinn Réiteachamh
Tarraingidh cùird á h-uile uallach na
Talmhainn air mo chridh’ an cràdh, ladaich gun
Coir mi ‘nam thuaineal ‘s stadagan troma,
Tha mo chridh’ goirt, mo leithean spealgta…
Gun ath-bhuidh’nn i ‘s a clann an tèarainteachd,
Stòras, suaimhneas, sàstachd a ghoid céile…
Gum buain e ‘n gnothach a choir esan ann,
Gum beir ceartas buaidh airson uil’ nam bochd…
Gun ath-bhuidh’nn dìobarachan ‘s fògarrach
Stòras, suaimhneas, tèarainteachd a chaill ead.
Gun sguir spàirn ‘s cogamh saobh, gun fhàth gun adhbhar,
Gum bi teaghlaich theicheach ath-aonaichte…
Gum pàigh gach eucorach airson eucoir,
Mèirleach, ceannard cealgach, spùinneadair.
Gur urrainn fògarrach a dhol dhachaigh,
Gum bi sàbhailt’ gach baile ‘gas dùthaich.
Gum gabh gach ceannard cùram deagh-bheusach.
:icondiddles25:diddles25 3 4
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Aussie Man by AussieMan187
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Dreams Of Rain
I did this in one burst this afternoon. The title says it all; as a Californian in the middle of a drought and with wildfires causing chaos in an abnormally warm November, I would greatly appreciate an army of downpours across California this rainy season.

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Teasraigibh Sinn Ás An Sgrios

Nì mi m'ùrnaigh 'nis gun tig feachd uisge
Nan seachd sian dhuinn gar teasraigeamh on
Doineann-teine 's ás a' bhaoghal oillteil
Gum maoidh uile Beatha 'chruthaich Danu...!

Chan eil againn ach dà bliana deug
Gos a bheil sinn caillte mura nì sinn
Gnothach ‘nis a chasg an cruas èic-eòlach,
‘S fàsaimh ‘m cudthrom, is th’ar Máthair gar faicinn.

Dìtimh sinn fhéin ‘s uile Beatha air a
Tha sinn eòlach on a chruthaich Danu,
Ar Máthair Fhéin, na dh’fheumamaide ‘thigh’nn beò,
Is tha sinn gu dall ar n-uaigh fhéin 'fosglamh.

'Nis, sa' mheadhan Fhoghair thioram anns nach
Eil an t-uisge 'tigh'nn dhuinne fhath'st, leis an
Smùid seo ghairg ás an roidean dhoirbh,
Guidhimh mi 'n Tuath Danmhainn, teasraigibh sinn!

'Brìghde, 'Bhaintighearna nan Teine, cobhramh
Air na gaisgich 'cogaimh ris an teine,
Tionndaimh 'n roidean gu do theine-leighis,
Fuasgail dhuinn do chumhachd slànachaimh fhéin!

Mogh Roith, 'Thighearna nan Siantan, och,
Casg do ghaoth gum faodamaid a dh'aithghearr
Casg an teine, coir dhuinn uisge nan seachd
Sian 'chobhramh oirnn, a chor crìoch air an tart...!

'Mhanannain, a Thighearna na Mara,
Ma 's e ur toil e, nach cuidicheamh tu
Chor an t-uisge nan seachd sian dhuinne?
Do na gaisgich mùchaimh, thoir dhaibh comhramh...!

'Thuath Dhanmhainn, thoiribh aiseag cothruim
Àrainneachdail, teasraigibh a h-uile
Ás a' bhaoghal mhillteach seo gum maoidh air
Danu, Ar Máthair Fhéin, 's air uile Beatha...!

Deliver Us From Destruction

I make my prayer now that an army of rain of
The seven elements will come to us to deliver us from
The firestorm and from this dreadful crisis
That threatens all Life that Danu created...!

We have not but twelve years
Until we are lost if we do
Not a thing now to avert the ecological crisis,
And the burden grows, and our Mother is beholding us.

We condemn ourselves and all Life which
We have known since Danu, Our Mother Herself,
Created what we would need to survive,
And we are blindly opening our own grave.

Now, in the middle of a dry Autumn in which
The rain has not come to us yet, with this
Angry smoke from the ungovernable wildfire,
I beg the People of Danu, deliver us!

Brigid, O Lady of the Fires, relieve
The warriors who fight against the flames,
Turn the wildfire into your healing flame,
Release to us your own healing power!

Mogh Roith, O Lord of the Storms, alas,
Stop your winds that we may soon
Stop the flames, send to us rain of the seven
Elements to relieve us, bring an end to the drought...!

Manannan, O Lord of the Sea,
If it pleases you, would you not help
To send the rain of the seven storms to us?
To the warriors who quell, give to them relief...!

People of Danu, restore the balance
Of Nature, deliver all of us
From this destructive crisis that threatens
Danu, Our Own Mother, and on all Life...!
Deliver Us From Destruction
This rose out of several different ideas that I combined into one.

I live in California in the midst of two very bad wildfires (although I live far from the flames, the air is thick with smoke) and it gives such an apocalyptic aura. I have the need to appeal to the Divinities for rain, for deliverance... and indeed, I had listened to "Deliver Us" from "The Prince of Egypt" yesterday and those two words have been in my mind: deliver us!

Any time that Mother Nature wanted to send an army of downpours across California, relieving the poor firefighters and refugees and also the drought, that would be just fine with me.
Deirdre and Naoise, Before the Sorrows
I have a version where Naoise is without a beard.

Well, I have finished at least the heroine and hero of "Deirdre of the Sorrows", a tale about Deirdre, the daughter of the court poet and storyteller of King Conchobhar (Connor) of Ulster. The court druid, Cathbad, foresaw just before Deirdre was even born that she would grow to be the fairest in the land, but kings and lords would go to war over her, much blood would be spilled in her name, Ulster's three finest warriors would be forced into exile and later die for her sake, and the Kingdom of Ulster would collapse. On hearing this frightening prophesy, King Conchobhar's army, the Red Branch Warriors, demanded that the baby be killed at birth, but Conchobhar, wanting to be humane and not exactly thinking with his brain after hearing the description of her future beauty, declared that she would be raised in seclusion away from the eyes of men and that he would marry her as soon as she reached marriageable age, thus mitigating disaster.
Things did not go according to plan (unsurprisingly); Deirdre, a very young woman, only felt disgust for Conchobhar when he came to visit where he was smitten with her. In a vision, Deirdre had seen and fallen in love with a handsome, fearless young warrior with raven hair, snow-white skin, and blood-red cheeks; Leabharcham, Deirdre's nurse and teacher (and effectively her adoptive mother), was horrified by Deirdre's declaration, for she recognized the description of Naoise, a son of Usna. Naoise was Conchobhar's nephew as well as the finest warrior and hunter in Ulster, as well as a gifted singer and harper, and Naoise and his two fiercely loyal brothers were the finest trio of warriors in all Ireland.
Deirdre had begged Leabharcham to meet Naoise and Leabharcham, perhaps because she loved her adoptive daughter too much to give her to an aging, foul-tempered man, even if he was the king, agreed to take Deirdre to him. The young couple fell in love and fled with Naoise's brothers to Scotland for several years... and the prophesy was fulfilled after Conchobhar lured them back to Ireland on false promises of clemency and massacred Naoise and his brothers before taking Deirdre for himself, but she always coldly refused him and soon killed herself to escape him and from her grief over losing her de facto husband and brothers-in-law. Ulster fell into ruin, as Cathbad foretold.

I wanted to show them in their happier moments with their children and Naoise's two brothers at Loch Etive before King Conchobhar lures them back to Ulster with false promises of clemency.

I based the background off of a corner of Loch Etive, a site often associated with them, in the lands of Argyll and Bute in Southwest Scotland (historically, Scotland and indeed the British Islands would have been more heavily forested, not unlike Scandinavia, with abundant pine, oak, ash, and rowan) and I tried for a springtime setting, hence the blossoming wild apple tree behind the couple (apples being a symbol of love and fertility, as well as health) along with a wild rose briar in the background (pink blossoms just under the yellow gorse bush).

In a few versions of the tale of Deirdre and the Sons of Usna, Deirdre and Naoise have a son, Gaiar, and a daughter, Aebgreine, during their years on the run in Scotland; Deirdre could be carrying either of their children in this picture. I give more details in my retelling of their story here:…

I'm returning to illustration after years of absence and the human form is not my strength, so forgive any mistakes that I've made here (I'm imagining them in mid-pose, with Naoise about to place his hand on Deirdre's hand). For the faces, I modeled Naoise after Eoin MacKen and Deirdre after Saoirse Rónán.

I am going with the basic descriptions of the couple in most sources (Deirdre is described as tall and graceful, of mesmerizing grey-green eyes, twisted yellow/golden hair, and foxglove cheeks; Naoise is of raven hair, snow-white skin, and blood-red cheeks, and I decided to give him cornflower-blue eyes) and I am going with comparatively basic designs, never mind that they are both of high status.

It seems that, at least among the Irish Celts, the men and women free population both wore their hair long and in a variety of curls and braids, often very elaborate; Deirdre only wears two comparatively simple tresses here, and perhaps Naoise has not dressed his own hair yet.

Somehow, I wanted to incorporate some red into Deirdre's hair; "buidhe" ("yellow", "golden") until recent years, included shades of yellow that would now be considered orange and when I realized that, I decided on the reddish-golden color of honey (hence her flowing honey tresses).
I also wanted to give Deirdre some muscle-tone; the ancient Celts seem to have valued a healthy, muscular figure and looked down their noses at anybody who was out of shape and I imagine that women as well as men were expected to be in good form. Deirdre might be of an elegant, "graceful" figure, but that does not preclude strength or full, womanly hips.

On that previous note, according to Brehon Law in Ireland and Scotland before the 1600s, marriageable age was 15 years for women and 18 years for men; Deirdre meets Naoise in person when she has only just reached marriageable age and he is already Ulster's finest warrior with two younger brothers who are also stellar warriors, which places his age at about 18-22 years (which I find uncomfortable, even though Deirdre was the one who initiated their romance). Her 15 to Naoise's 20 is uncomfortable, but her 15 to Conchobhar's 35-40 years is even worse.

Well, I hope that y'all like this! So often, Deirdre and Naoise are shown in gloomy times and I wanted to show them in happier times.



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