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26 May 2015 - Start of out journal...

"Journal" in other languages:

Dictionary: spanish
Translations: gaceta, diario

Dictionary: german
Translations: tagebuch, lagerzapfen, protokoll, journal, zeitschrift, ...

Dictionary: french
Translations: magazine, gazette, quotidien, revue, journal, ...

Dictionary: italian
Translations: quotidiano, giornale, rivista, diario, periodico

Dictionary: portuguese
Translations: jornal, jordão

Dictionary: dutch
Translations: dagblad, courant, tijdschrift, journaal, krant, ...

Dictionary: russian
Translations: журнал, дневник, газета, цапфа

Dictionary: norwegian
Translations: tidsskrift, journal, dagbok

Dictionary: swedish
Translations: dagbok, tidning, tidskrift

Dictionary: finnish
Translations: aikakausjulkaisu, aikakauslehti, sanomalehti

Dictionary: danish
Translations: journal, dagbog

Dictionary: czech
Translations: noviny, časopis, deník

Dictionary: polish
Translations: dziennik, pamiętnik, żurnal, czasopismo

Dictionary: turkish
Translations: günlük

Dictionary: ukrainian
Translations: труський

Dictionary: albanian
Translations: ditar

Dictionary: bulgarian
Translations: дневник

Dictionary: estonian
Translations: laagrikael, ajakiri, päevik

Dictionary: croatian
Translations: dnevnik, časopis, novine, kronika

Dictionary: lithuanian
Translations: dienoraštis, žurnalas

Dictionary: latvian
Translations: dienasgrāmata

Dictionary: romanian
Translations: cotidian

Dictionary: slovenian
Translations: časopis

Dictionary: slovak
Translations: žurnál, vestník, časopis

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