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Hero Defeated - Part 5

Stripped of his strength and energy, Will could only lay there as the burglar moved to straddle him properly, sitting on his torso and placing her hands on his chest. The lack of effort required on her part to keep him down was an insult in and of itself.

Finally decided to come back to this set, been holding off because I just couldn't be bothered to deal with converting it to Iray. But here we are. Will likely tone down the bump maps on the next shot, skin turned out a little rougher than expected.

Created in Daz Studio, rendered in Iray, postwork in Photoshop.
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I think she's having a lot of fun :)

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She needs fresh meat tonight , she just eat the last part of the last man she killed

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Humiliating indeed. Poor Will...
This piece is excellent, man. But I do believe males deserve their candy too. So, do you intend to make more male-on-female victory shots too?
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At some point, yeah. My preference tends to vary quite often though.
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Looks great!