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Color Pencil Commission

Marry Me Griffith by DicitDomina

Colored Shaded ART Commission



Good day. I'm MEMENTO

with photo machine "BABY" ,^w^

This photo is me took in July 2017.

My Photo By Dicitdomina-dbciusg by DicitDomina


I want a pure Berserk Account.

So I open here as Berserk ART Gallery.


I'm so sorry to delete request offer I accepted.
I was busy.
But it was 5 years ago...

If you still want to ask me,
plz add comment or note on His-Anthem

Have a nice day:blackrose:

I moved to ⇒ His-Anthem.

Thank you.

PLZ tell me in this journal or note if you are still interested in your offer. Thank you.

Your offer is listed below.↓


I should set up my REQUEST again because it's been 2~3 years. sorry~ ><


:bulletblack:dead line 27th on November :bulletblack:


NIGHTSTORM77  Constantine T. Neeson

~myoo89    Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia  

=MissCath    Poland or Germany

 ~Kankuro-Deidara    Spain and South Italy

~Tsubame-chan125    Hungary

!Nazrin-san    Belgium

 =SugoiBaka    Prussia

 ~budgerigars    Italy

 *Nytengale-Tyme    France

 ~Sonata-Chan    South Italy

 ~ArvenaPeredhel    Hungary

 !San-Francesco    Switzerland

 ~Mollice    Prussia

 ~ChibiRockstar    Spain

 ~Melon-Vodka    Russia and Italy

*Kath-the-shadow    Germany

 ~The-LochnessMonster    Spain

 ~Chocoreaper    Belgium

 ~Monii--Chan    Austria and Hungary

 ~w3ndy777    Greece

 ~TsukiakariOkami    Sweden and Finland

 ~GreenNinjaKairi    Switzerland and Liechtenstein

~InvinciblePrincess    Feme France

~WolfpupBrew98    Ukraine



All art are gorgeous today. <33333


My family gave me The 6 Brand Watches! ^v^

Thank you for all I'm totally recovered from the bad condition.

I'm studying... ._.  I'm going to take the exam to aquire my license.

I like Berserk! All comics I loved to read are there.



I need to talk more... but I have no time ^-^;

Thank you for reading I will add comment (I get spam allert always)



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