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Tranquil Forest- Star Ocean 2

By DiceSMS
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Alright, someone is gonna kill me for not including Ashton's dragon's [link] . But I really wanted this piece to focus on just the two of them. The dragon's tend to interrupt scenes or create some comic relief when they aren't kicking ass: which is the opposite of what this scene is going for. Sorry. =(


For :iconcutepiku: in the :iconstar-ocean-lover: Art Swap!!
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Was you ever able to get Ashtons relationship up with Rena. I did it once, but I dont remember how. This scene is so lovely. Nice work!
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Hnngggg MY HEART. These two are perfect in every way.
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Always thought that she thought of Ashton as more of a really unlucky, older brother =P but this is really nice =)
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This is beautiful. I just got Second Departure this week, so I don't know who Ashton is. I still hope Rena will end up with Claude... those two are just so cute together. But this picture is also very pretty and I love how you capture the emotions with the way you color and use shade.
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for me it's okay to let him be without the dragons, but a romantic scene about these two characters sounds weird to ME. XDDD

but, whatever, it's very cute, and the art isn't bad at all, i would love to do something at this level... congratulations Miss Dice!
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Yeah, the coupling doesn't do much for me either. Hell, half of the SO couples are kinda pushed (ex; Claude x Rena, Opera x Ernest), so to me it felt odd pushing them in another direction. C'est la vie, the commissioner wanted, I delivered. :)
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hehe i understand^^

but, hell... it's a little sad that SO2 doesn't get so much feedback... the game was pretty good, and even if the anime was very slow and bad at the action scenes(...and ends at the end of the 1st CD), it was cute and the main characters have a lot of charisma.
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<3 This is wonderful!
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rrrlgh i love this

ashton :heart:
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It's just so sweet! Good job.
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ooooo pretty! I'm not an Ashton Rena fan but I love this picture!
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He does look a little weird without his dragons, but I agree with ya. They would take away the feeling/theme here.

So nice to see more of this pairing.:heart:
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wow that's REALLY good!
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Wow, saw this and thought of my sister. Then read the description... and it was for her. lol In any case it's just lovely.
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wow...that's beautifulll,,,,,,,really~~!!X)
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Beautiful. Love the colours.

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Wow, thats really good. You should be proud of that one.
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Wow awesome work! :heart:
The darkness sets a great tone too :)
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It's a really romantic scene! :love:
The dark coloring is very pretty too!
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(tear) adorable!
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Great job! And good point about the dragons, they wouldn't fit in there.

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I dunno, you could have had the dragons..but I do think they are a little weird for something like this. In one playthrough in Rena's game I got Ashton to show up on the beach during the final night. That...was interesting.
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...I always get him too.... it means that he is the current highest in relationship points... :D
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I figured. It only happened because I switched out Claude once I got Dias and Ashton was always in the party since I first got him. I wonder what the scene is like with other people.
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