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Trails in the Sky - Estelle

By DiceSMS
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Another Estelle in my gallery... =/


If you haven't played Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (TitS), then don't wait another minute, especially if you're hungry for a new game. This game has more heart and class than most games released in the past decade! God knows I've paid twice as much for a game I've liked half as much.

Estelle in her Second game outfit... *NUDGE NUDGE Xseed!!!*

Mostly Photoshop, no sketch/scanning.
Time: 10 hours? Who times this...?
Best part: I loved doing the jacket, and working on the 'atmosphere'
Worst: I actually enjoyed a lot of this. The hair if I had to pick, it's damned long.

Critique appreciated. 'Spesh the tough ones, just don't be rude or I will fight back.

EDIT: change of atmosphere, let's make the sun burn some more!
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absolutely fantastic, Dice
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Loooks Very pretty!!! gonna add it in my favorites! :) 
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First, I love this picture. Second, I TOTALLY agree with your review! TitS was a little hard for me to get into, but after a few hours of solid play, the game really shows it's stuff. I actually just beat it last week and I must say, I CANNOT wait for the next two installments! I'm an oldschool JRPG fan and this had me giddy. Olivier is definitely my favorite character, and the Arena fight against the full-fledged Bracer group had me on the edge of my seat. :D
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Pretty pretty drawing! I reaaallly want the second game.
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lol i'm stuck, but i still love it XD
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Looks amazing, but does the game have more heart than Cave Story?
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This is really good! I can't wait for the next one too!
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I still need to beat this game ;_;
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That's really good o.o

I don't even see anything I would really categorize as "Needs Critiquing"

I really love the clouds too D:
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So beautiful.
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OMG your alive! :D
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wow great draw maybe your draw looks to "serious" compared to the game stelle xD. but that is just a detail at gamer level.

in other side when i played this game i think in "oh god a game that cant last more than 8 hours..." and holy crap! it lasted more that 41hrs!! it's a good game. the only thing that i dont like that much was that the protagonist take too long to be "part of the story"
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