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Star Ocean 2 - Rena

By DiceSMS
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Oooo, Rena!! I tried to maker her look prettier and more her age than the way she was depicted in the PSP port of Star Ocean 2.

This took a surprisingly short amount of time (which is rare for me), but a lot of fun to do nonetheless since it is as simple as it is.

Enjoy. =)
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She looks so great in your style!
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Just started the anime... don't have an opinion yet other then protect 
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this is soooooo cool!!!! :D
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Beautiful! Rena is such a good girl. You good!
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I think the only two pictures that did her any justice was yours and Kaikky... Everyone elses are cheap knockoffs in comparison lol =)
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I really like Rena in Star Ocean 2.

By the way, you ever notice how Rena and Sailor Mercury look alike?

The game probably has my favorite villains ever!
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You've captured the part of Rena that usually goes unnoticed in fanart: her bitterness and grief. Faving for sure.
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Rena is so beautiful. I wish I had played the PS1 version of SO2... but I have the PSP version. I heard they changed her outfit between the two versions... :( Oh well, she's still hot though. I like the way she looks in this picture, too, she looks so intelligent. There's nothing flashy in this picture, which is very good because it shows the true skill of the artist. I'd say that's worth 10 out of 10! (yeah, I couldn't help but quote Claude there! Sorry! :D)
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Haha great response, made me giggle! Thanks for the 10 out of 10 (that's a quote that's so bad, it's good because of it). The fact she looks "intelligent" came as a surprise, and really flattered me! Thank you!
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FAVed with might, magic and faith.
Perhaps the best fanart of Rena i've ever seen.
Congratulations miss^^
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Appreciated, with might!!!
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She looks awesome in this! very elegant and pretty!
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Wow...really love how it came out. I think that's how I see this character too.
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Very touching, love the effect, and the background looks beautiful. I especially like how you have the effects of the wind blowing her hair elegantly.
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Haha, I'm glad I created a snowy atmosphere that people can actually like. >_o
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Splendid1 M'yes :reading:
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it's wonderful!!Aww, this game is great, isn't it?C: the characters are amazing ^w^
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It's not really the BEST game... the first half is pretty boring. But I can't stop loving it... haha
I love Rena, for some reason, I just think creators have been really inconsistent with how to envision her.
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ok, not the best game but it's quite enjoyable :'D
yep, Rena is my favourite female character too! She's different from the others, that's why I love her so much :D
and about the boys, who're your favourites? I like Claude but I'm in love with Leon and Ashton!XD These two are just too sweet!
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Stunning! :heart:
I liked her better when she looked 17 instead of 12.
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