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Alyssa - CSH

This is Alyssa from Cosmic Star Heroine, Zeboyd Games' upcoming old school offering. She was fun to draw and gave me a chance to finally draw again after some computer issues (I'm also finally getting the hang of SAI). Enjoy, and I look forward to CHS!

Here's their announcement; but definitely show your support to the Kickstarter when it's up…
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Wow, looks super cool! :D
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I missed the kickstarter but I look forward to getting the finished game when it comes out. Instantly fell for Alyssa the moment I saw her on a teaser on the PS4 at a Best Buy. Awesome fan art of the character. Love the shading of the wrinkles in her clothes and giving them a slight texture or at least thats what it looks to me on my phone haha.
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I get more and more stoked for this game with every piece of artwork I see :D
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._. .... feels kind of awkward to not know an old school character lol.
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Got it kinda backwards!  Zeboyd Games is a relatively new developer with a lot of"old school" influence in many of their games. 
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Awesome work!  Love your style and depiction of Alyssa.  :)
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