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At least!! I've just created a new account on the web Society6. It means that I will post some stuff to sell like T-shirts, pillows or mobile cases with my artworks!!! I will post some of my Gaga artworks, and other drawings! So, If you really like them, you can buy some items here:

Thanks to all of you, I'm still working on more art!!

I recorded my 2nd Time Lapse Drawing Video!! This time I recorded while I was drawing my Lady Gaga artwork "Lady India", influenced by the perfomance Gaga did in 2011 at F1 after Party in New Dlehi, India.

I hope you enjoy it, as Gaga said: "enjoy the process of creation"…

Thank you SO MUCH for all the support, the kind messages and the beautiful words, love you so much!

Two days ago I recorded my first "speed drawing" video, while I was making my last Gaga artwork, "McQueen's Harpy". It was very funny, because I had to put a tall chair with a lot of books and boxes for my camera, and my camera was trolling me, because it didn't have enough battery, and it didn't focus properly.

After a "fight" with my camera, I posted the video, I think it isn't too bad!!!

Enjoy, and THANK YOU for your support!!! xoxo…

Because of Gaga's therapy, there aren't any recent photos from candids or appereances, so I couldn't make new art. But I'm still working on new artworks! I'm working on some Born This Way Ball sketches and illustrations for a spanish Gaga fan-site, and there are a lot of drawings! Right now, I'm preparing an illustration about BTWBall, in the way of "Marry The Night Poster", and I made some sketches less "spectacular", but so "artistic" (in my opinion) that I'll post soon! I want to make a tribute to a BIG tour.

AND, this is the month of Gaga! March 28 is the Birthday of Gaga! Last year, I made a birthday illustration for Gaga, and this 2013 I want to make another artwork. I started to draw it... I think it will be great!

New art soon, I haven't stop drawing!! Thanks for your sweet support!!

I need some help! :P I would want to know which outfit from The Fame Monster era that I didn't include on my Paper Doll Package should I made (because I want to make some exclusive "pages" with some outfits) I made a poll on my Tumblr, and I would want you to leave me some suggestions:…

Thanks for your support!

I've finished all exams, and I'm free, what it means that I can create and drawing and drawing again! I'm so happy today, so I'm working on 3 artworks at the same time! Of course, I had to do the amazing Lime Green Hair!

Watch a little preview here:…

Thanks to all of you, for your support!!!


Last week I've been so busy with exams and a lot of homework and projects!! I'm working so hard because I want to pass all the exams, but I'm so sad and depressed, because I don't have free time to finish Gaga illustrations or make new illustrations.

But I promise that I'll come back with a lot of art next week! I'm working on a 2nd illustration of the White Haus Ball, new "The Heart Collection" art and more Gaga projects!!! I promised to the stuff of Lady Gaga Spain that I'm going to make some illustrations of the Born This Way Ball and I'm working on it too!

I'm very thankful for your support. Thanks for all the comments on LittleMonsters, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and here in Deviantart. All your support means a lot for me!

AT LEAST!! Tara Savelo liked my drawing for her (my present birthday for her), "Unicorn Birthday Princess" on LITTLEMONSTERS! I'm almost crying, because I put all my heart on it, and I wanted to send her all my love and support, because I know she has hard days... I love Tara, she's unique, she's so brave and she never loses her beautiful smile.

I'm really happy. Thank you, because without all the support it never happened


I can't believe it! I've just found a photo of the inside of Lady Gaga's Born Brave Bus and I saw the art gallery, a wall with Little Monsters creations... and my "Cut The Chains Of Fear" artwork was there!! (on the bottom left)

I feel really honored for having the chance of participate with the Born This Way Foundation and make something good for some people with my art. Thanks for all your support, you're so important for me!!


I was working on my first artwork of 2013! The birthday of Tara Savelo is near, and I wanted to make a little present for her (is a funny simple illustration), because she's so amazing, fierce and funny. I have finished the artwork, and I really hope she like it! I'll show it next Wednesday!

Oh! And I have new pencil colors (and I'm so happy!!!!!) so this 2013 will be the Art Year!! xxx

Don't worry about the Marry The Night Poster! I haven't forgot it, and I'm still working on it!!
OMG The web-site "Lady Gaga Spain" has launched some new models of T-shirts which feature my drawings of Gaga! Artworks like "Birth from Death", "The Monster Ball Poster" or my last artwork "Moscow Princess" are now on t-shirts on sale in this Spanish Gaga fan-site! They are incredible, and there are cute bags too!

More information in the web LADY GAGA SPAIN!…

The online store:

Thanks for your support! If you have some Spanish friends who are Little Monsters, tell them this notice!

Love, Daniel
I decided to show a little preview of my Big Surprise, the "Gaga Project" I'm working on...

Here's a little sneak peek:…

The entire project will be revealed SOON!! WATCH MY FACEBOOK PAGE… for more SNEAK PEEKS, unseen artwork and more!!

Thanks for watching!

Love, Daniel
I've created my new FACEBOOK PAGE, where I'll submit my artworks too, also some previews of artworks, unfinished work or non-related Gaga art :)

Here it is:…

To all of you, who always support my work, I hope you "like" my facebook page! ;) Right now is so empty, but I'll sumbit more work!! Thanks for watching!!

Love, Daniel

A few weeks ago, an important fan-website about Lady Gaga in Spain, "Lady Gaga Spain", contacted with me, to make a collaboration with the fansite. They were interested in my Gaga-themed artworks, and they asked me if I wanted to make T-Shirts with my creations, for the fans. Obviously, I answered YES!

And now, they have opened the new online store, with T-shirts with some of my artworks -Princess Yuyi, Princess High, Tub Hair, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea and Teal Hooker- for men and women in various colors and sizes. There will be new designs soon!

Thank you to all of you, your support makes me keep creating, you're so important for me!

If you want to see the online store:


Hace algunas semanas, un importante sitio web sobre Lady Gaga en España, "Lady Gaga Spain", se puso en contacto conmigo para hacer una colaboración con esta web de fans. Estaban interesados en mis ilustraciones con temática de Lady Gaga, y me preguntaron si quería hacer camisetas con mis creaciones. ¡Obviamente, respondí que SI!

Y ahora han abierto la nueva tienda online, con varios modelos de algunos de mis dibujos -Princess Yuyi, Princess High, Tub Hair, Crushed Heart of Tiger Orchidea y Teal Hooker- para hombre y mujer, en varios colores y tallas. ¡Y habrá nuevos diseños pronto!

Muchas gracias a todos vosotros, vuestro apoyo me da fuerzas para seguir creando. ¡Sois muy importantes para mí!

Mirad la tienda online aquí para conseguir una camiseta!
OMG! After all the "likes" on my "Tub Hair" on LittleMonsters, I received the LM newsletter and I died... I'm featured on it!!

I can't believe it! Is surreal, I never thought I would have this recognition... I feel so honored!…

Thank you to all of you! Your support is very important for me. Love you :)
I'm working again! Right now, I'm working on a proyect about Gaga, that I will post here and you will can download it! It's very hard, and I'm working on it a for a few weeks, but you'll see as soon as possible!

But I'm still making some Gaga artworks! This morning I saw Gaga's post on LM with her "Tub Hair", and it's amazing, so, I'm painting it! Here's a little preview of my drawing!…

Thanks for watching!


Dibu Monster
I know that I didn't have shown any artworks last weeks, but I have a reason! Right now, I'm working for the designer Matthias Lavesson!!!!!!

Matthias is the designer of this amazing headpiece, wore by Gaga this year: distilleryimage0.s3.amazonaws.…

Well, Matthias talk to me when he watched my artwork, and now, I'm making some illustrations for him!! Is INCREDIBLE! But I'm going to continue making more Gaga artworks!!! New one is coming soon! :)

Thank you so much to all my followers for your support xxx
Well, I'm a little bit sick of people "steal" my art on and don't give me credits. They post the image and don't put a link or something. They just post it as if they created it.

SO I'm gonna post again the link of MY OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS in LITTLEMONSTERS.COM and in TUMBLR.



And thank you for supporting me :) I'l finished a new art soon! xxx
I never was the kind of girl,
That's naturally sure,
When it comes to love,
Oh no, I was insecure,

But when it comes to you and me,
I can't deny this feeling inside,
Oh no, I never felt like this before,
This before. (This before, no, no, no)

I seeing all the signs from above,
I'm going to be the one that he loves,
I was made for loving him
The fashion of His Love.
Oh yeah.

I'm gonna be his first and last kiss,
'Cause baby I was born to be his,
I was made for loving him
The Fashion of His Love.

I seeing all the signs from above,
I'm going to be the one that he loves,
I was made for loving him



I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! Lady Gaga liked and commented on my artwork "La Chameleon" in!! OMG OMG!!…

Here's the link to the image:…

Once again: THANK YOU! Because without you, your comments and your support I would never have gone so far. Thank you to my dear followers, because you're so creative. Keep creating :)