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Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone by DiBgd Cistecephalus Assemblage Zone :icondibgd:DiBgd 86 5 Hibbertopterus and Casineria by DiBgd Hibbertopterus and Casineria :icondibgd:DiBgd 156 12 Screbinodus ornatus by DiBgd Screbinodus ornatus :icondibgd:DiBgd 66 3 Ianthodon by DiBgd Ianthodon :icondibgd:DiBgd 56 2 Platycephalichthys by DiBgd Platycephalichthys :icondibgd:DiBgd 61 2 Titanophoneus rugosus by DiBgd Titanophoneus rugosus :icondibgd:DiBgd 78 7 African Inostrancevia? by DiBgd African Inostrancevia? :icondibgd:DiBgd 108 13 Fortunodon trautscholdi and Dvinia prima by DiBgd Fortunodon trautscholdi and Dvinia prima :icondibgd:DiBgd 97 6 Ischeevo Landscape by DiBgd Ischeevo Landscape :icondibgd:DiBgd 101 5 Malaya Kinel Faunal Subassemblage by DiBgd Malaya Kinel Faunal Subassemblage :icondibgd:DiBgd 87 4 Mastodonsaurus torvus by DiBgd Mastodonsaurus torvus :icondibgd:DiBgd 76 4 Acanthostega gunnari by DiBgd Acanthostega gunnari :icondibgd:DiBgd 63 8 Mammoth from Ust Tarka by DiBgd Mammoth from Ust Tarka :icondibgd:DiBgd 55 3 Mammuthus trogontherii chosaricus by DiBgd Mammuthus trogontherii chosaricus :icondibgd:DiBgd 61 3 Taman' s mammoth by DiBgd Taman' s mammoth :icondibgd:DiBgd 50 1 Mammoth du Durfour1 by DiBgd Mammoth du Durfour1 :icondibgd:DiBgd 49 2 Southern mammoth from museum of Stavropol by DiBgd Southern mammoth from museum of Stavropol :icondibgd:DiBgd 56 1 Mammuthus gromovi by DiBgd Mammuthus gromovi :icondibgd:DiBgd 60 2 Ergilornis by DiBgd Ergilornis :icondibgd:DiBgd 99 19 Altirhinus kurzanovi by DiBgd Altirhinus kurzanovi :icondibgd:DiBgd 91 3 Pyrotherium romeroi by DiBgd Pyrotherium romeroi :icondibgd:DiBgd 90 29 Equus lenensis by DiBgd Equus lenensis :icondibgd:DiBgd 86 6 Rhinosaurus yasikovi by DiBgd Rhinosaurus yasikovi :icondibgd:DiBgd 39 1 Amphibamus grandiceps by DiBgd Amphibamus grandiceps :icondibgd:DiBgd 58 5