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Titanophoneus adamanteus

Titanophoneus adamanteus, former Doliosauriscus adamanteus. Skull lenght about 60 cm.

With dead Konzukovia vetusta.
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Ooh, you mean doliosauriscua was renamed? Well, that just about sucks. Rocking picture by you though.
Wanna see my own anteosaur picture? It's an ANTEOSAURUS MAGNIFICUS-the maaan himself. It's on ArsFatalis too, and the guy's with a dead Titanosuchus. or else, just go to the :iconvasix: gallery and find out!
OK, Doliosauriscus now is the old exemplair of Titanofoneus (as it was in initial description)! Were is your Anteosaurus?
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In one of my galleries....I;m quite certain I submitted it....a pencil sketch
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I really likie these pre mesozoic era critters, thanks for depicting so many of them.
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Nice pic! Is this the same fellow who got the discovery channel special (maybe walking w/ dinosaurs)?
In "Walking with monsters - Life before dinosaurs"? In this movie was shown unnamed gorgonopsian.
Avogel57's avatar
That could be it-- it had the same basic features and layout, but its been over a year since i've seen it, and I'm definitely not an expert
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