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Sinophoneus, primitive anteosaurid from Middle Permian of China. Skull lenght 35 cm.
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What the technique use on this work?
Pencil drawing of beast, Photoshop for background.
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Is this species aquatic?
According to M.F. Ivakhnenko - yes. Recently has been published (in Russian) analysis of food chains in Ustie Strelna locality - they found that gorgonopsids dependent from aquatic tetrapods and fish.
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Wait, do you mean this species or all gorgonopisds?
This species. Also Inostrancevia can be aquatic (if Scutosaurs was aquatic "herbivores").
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Wow, thanks for the infomation.
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What can I say? Again, you excelled at the little details in the foliage and the skin, like the small veins on the neck and head.
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It's a very little-known fact, but Sinophoneus used to be kept as favored pets by the rulers of the Xia and Shang Dynasties, until one Shang king thought that they would be better at being dinner than lapbeasts.
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