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Scutosaurus (probably type species) based on photo of skeleton from Hartmann-Weinberg (1930)
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Nice drawing!  Brings out an interesting convergent evolution of the bony head crest (or frill) which resurfaced with the ceratopsians during the Cretaceous period.  Both periods must have had similar Apex predator strategies.
HUBLERDON's avatar
It's awesome to see so much Permian art. :)
jwmorenob's avatar
Whoa! I have always wanted to know where to get a good skeletal reconstruction of Scutosaurus. Can you please suggest me which is better, and where to find it?
[link] - Reconstruction based on W. Gregory, can be innaccurate (animal seems too terrestrial and active)
[link] - Russian reconstruction, page in Russian, use translate tools. Can be more accurate (Scutosaurs wasn't so terrestrial, most probably hippo-like)
[link] - another Russian picture.
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Cool! It turned out great!
Adiraiju's avatar
Wow, nice job! That expression is spot-on!
AlexSone's avatar
У какая морда!
El-Moppo's avatar
I Loves It! :D <3 :)
El-Moppo's avatar
You're very much welcome! :D :)
Mesterfer's avatar
Beautiful cientific work :thumbsup:

Kuroi-moonwolf's avatar
I love the angle, it really look imposing and, as already said, close to the view a predator would have of one of those.
Thank you!!
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
By far, this is got to be the best Scutosaurus I've ever seen!
A fantastic pose and perspective, really conveys the "don't mess with me" attitude I suppose an animal that large should have.
Thank you very much!
r-dario's avatar
man i love this one!! if there were a beyond favorite category, scutosaurus would be the first one there
Thank you very much!
Bran-Artworks's avatar
Thats the point of view that a gorgonopsid would have :)
Thank you very much!
avancna's avatar
It's close enough to sneeze at.
avancna's avatar
I just hope it won't catch my cold.
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