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By DiBgd
Liopleurodon (most probably L. ferox) based on famous skeletal drawing of Tarlo (1958).
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What a...magical...creature! To make a bad pun.
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OMG, this is so beautiful!
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amazing! I'm curious, what do you use to draw and color your pictures? Where do you get the skeletals for the animals (specially the amphibians and synapsids)?
Keep up the good work.
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Just a heads up L. ferox did not have a tail fluke.
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Well, I`m not sure wether there are evidence for/against this directly on Liopleurodon, but I think there was some evidence on Cryptoclidus, so Liopleurodon might have had this fin-like appendage, too.
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What evidence was there in Cryptoclidus, then:?
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Okay, I am not sure, if it really was Cryptoclidus, but I think there was a Plesiosaur fossil, with a tail fluke.
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Hmm, sound unfamiliar to me... :o Do you have a link or a picture:?
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Well, you can read something in this article, maybe I`ll find a pic later.
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