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Embolotherium 'ergilense'

By DiBgd
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Embolotherium "ergilense" - probably giant old male of E. andrewsi. Skull lenght over 110 cm. Body based on "Brontops".
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SameerPrehistorica's avatar
Does Embolotherium ergilense stand at 10 ft ? Can i use this picture as reference ?
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Where's it's nostrils?
Dinomaster337's avatar
They're at the top of what use to be a horn but is now covered in flesh.
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Huh, why on earth would it's nostrils be like that?  Is it like a hippo?
Dinomaster337's avatar
I've only just heard of this theory myself:(. I saw a comment saying maybe it could be a resonating chamber, like the crest of Parasaurolophus only instead of bone it's a nasal cavity, but I don't know what the professional consensus is, nor who came up with the idea:(
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Well, if it's so, it would've definitely been weird.......and interesting.
Dinomaster337's avatar
Compared to most of Mother Nature's concoctions, what we would define as weird is pretty tame🤔
PonchoFirewalker01's avatar
Yeah.  With nature involved, you can throw normalcy out the window.
hyphenatedsuperhero's avatar
Wow... disturbingly huge...
Haven't seen any titanotheres lately. Strange nostril placing, but the powerful neck and shoulder muscles quickly make me forget about that.
Kuroi-moonwolf's avatar
Beautiful Embolotherium, I like the portrait of the powerful musculature around the neck and shoulders.
avancna's avatar
What a peculiar member of the genus.
yoult's avatar
You made the nostrils up on the horn? Looks strange but possible. Is this your own theory or of someone other?
This theory was widely circulated in literature, notably in Russian and Chinese!
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