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Andrewsarchus revisited

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Andrewsarchus mongolensis. Shown here as omnivorous ungulate with naked skin (as in hippo or big pig). Such big animal in very hot clmate don't need hair.

This picture is a result of discussion in Russian Zooforum.
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frenchfriarHobbyist Traditional Artist
He's a very handsome fellow,and this is a lovely illustration.
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FlashGordonArtHobbyist General Artist
Now this looks much more believable, you definitely can see its ungulate heritage more clearly. The resemblence to living hippopotamus only further emphasizes just how extremely dangerous this animal could have been!
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I think this was a spinosaur-thylacine-entelodont. 
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The most original and probably the most coerent depiction of this animal :clap:
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ohlopkovHobbyist Digital Artist
Возможно, впечатление усугубилось оттого, что голова над височной впадиной выглядит впалой, как будто череп обтянут шкурой, в то время как у живого млекопитающего эта область выпукла за счет, главным образом, жевательной мускулатуры. То есть, если заднюю часть черепа "надуть", глаз в перспективе тоже немного сместится, как на
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ohlopkovHobbyist Digital Artist
Мне кажется, или глаза сдвинуты сильно вперед и вниз, упершись в передний край скуловой дуги?
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У него глаза очень низко расположены и очень мелкие.
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An original and fantastic concept! I'm tired of wolf-like depictions
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painted-wolfs-denHobbyist Traditional Artist
He's so cute! Like a prehistoric guru... kind of tubby and zen.
Skull-Island-Master's avatar
lol i thought the same the whole time !! i am sure it had naked skin.
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CtenospondylusVera Traditional Artist
Red-Tatsu's avatar
It's so cute! In a "bite your face off" kind of way.
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tassietygerHobbyist Digital Artist
This is an intresting version of this guy. You made him damn cute. *hugs the poor thing to death* Looks like a hippo. I wonder if Andrewsarchus was a member of the hippo-whale clade or a member of another lineage of the ungulates?
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It was initially though to be an Entelodont (see article with original Osborn's description from AMNH).
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tassietygerHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah I heard about that story. I remember them saying that based on the teeth alone, they could have classified Andrew here as an entelodont. But I don't it's a hell pig, because the skull just doesn't seem right. In my opinion this animal is a member of Cetancodonta (the hippo-whale clade) and in it it's either A) A sister species to the whale lineage (based on similarity to the Pakicetids). B) A sister species to the family Raoellidae (based similarity to Indohyus). C) It's a large member of Raoellidae (see B). Or D) It's a sister species to both the whale and hippo lineage (Based numerous studies of whale evolution).

But then I could be wrong and it could be "copy-cat" evolution.
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Beautiful, man...

I've never seen an Andersarchus reconstruction like this. I'm mad impressed.
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Awesome reconstruction.
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El-Moppo Digital Artist
An entelodont would have the least off of your worries.
It seems to makes a lot off of sense, too, though.:D :)
I Loves It! :D <3 :)
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By the way, originally Andrewsarchus thougt to be Entelodont.
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JohnFaaStudent Writer
Some people now think it was actually related to them and not to mesonychians
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El-Moppo Digital Artist
That I did not know! :O
An interesting beastie creature, it is. :)
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I really like this. Also, making it an omnivore is equally interesting, seeing as it probably could eat whatever it wanted.
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