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Well......Here it go's....I guess i'll start it with Hi....My name is Renee.V i'm 14 and My heart and my mind think a lost alike,and i have stronge feeling when it comes to how people feel, I mite be a pain in the but some times, and i mite have a short temper,but i still care, i'm very protective when it comes to others, and i mite hold grudges a lot,but it's hard to make people understand sometimes...and it's hard to say it,life has it's flows and hope,but it's the people in it that have control of it,What some people mite not see is when they hurt some one, or when some ones hurting them self.I have a friend who was sacred that there life was gonna change in a bad way.I can't tell you how,but i can tell you there hurting,Well there heart is anyways,i try to make her feel better but i can't.her life is not mine to touch, i will only touch it if she won'ts me to.i can't live is a world where my friends and family aren't happy,it's hard enough to be the person watching it,think about how it would feel to be the person living it,life is hard a lot of the time ,so i'm telling you one day i hope to help as many people as i can,i know what it feels like to be the person watching it,And i hope to be the person helping it.