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Skin Tutorial 1

My first art tutorial! c: You can view it page by page on my IG!…
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What program did you use for this?

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I use Krita, but the program being used doesn't matter ^-^ you just need to understand the fundamentals of rendering skin

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okay. well I use both adobe photoshop and clip studio paint. Your tutorial kinda sorta helped me. :D Thanks so much!

gracias siempre es bueno repasar tecnicas

SpookOrSpectre's avatar

*studies carefully*

Wait, I'm a furry >.<

Xurora's avatar

absolute mood

fur is an absolute pain

Lilith73's avatar

Thank you! this tutorial is very useful

lilbam's avatar

Thank you so much for this!

benltolte's avatar

You don't know how useful this really is! Thank you for this. This is going in my tutorial collection. ^_^

Kinatsuka's avatar

This would work for my realistics draws 〃 ̄ω ̄〃

ElIndio619's avatar

My colouring is horrid. You’ve earned my watch!

Lana5's avatar

big thank you:wave:

FluffySeaNut's avatar

Thanks! Super useful

Cr33pypa5taFanatic's avatar

You should probably make a tutorial on shadow placement, that's what most people have problems with.

FluffySeaNut's avatar

people like you is why god is dead

Cr33pypa5taFanatic's avatar

Either you're a troll or just really gullible. I'm a creepypasta fangirl and even I don't fall for this sh*t.

msammy2020's avatar

Both Wonderful Rankin/Bass Animated Lord of the Rings collection.

elenamary's avatar

Very nice tutorial; simple and easy to understand. :) I'll use this for sure when I start diving deeper into digital colouring!

ilaaris's avatar

Thank you, really helpful^^

Quill16's avatar

That is really helpful! I am not the best at shadows or shading. This really makes my art look a bit more realistic. Thank you

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