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Childrens book. by diasuki-anime Childrens book. :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 2 Mario Attempt. by diasuki-anime Mario Attempt. :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 2 0 Display picture? by diasuki-anime Display picture? :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 0 0 Gir by diasuki-anime Gir :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 2 0 I'm back DA ! by diasuki-anime I'm back DA ! :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 6
Where am I?
I find myself here
Looking for a reason why
I feel this pain inside
Why do I always pick it
Start it
I need change I say
You tell me I've changed
Anger builds
Why always this
You say I’m wrong
Painful as sin
Slide down my cheek
Like a raindrop on a spring leaf—
No more
I want to lay my armor down
I want to love
Not fight
Embrace me
Feel me
Through soul and words
You tell me you love me
Whats that?
I thought it was understanding…
:icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 0 0
The Distance
My heart pounds,
As I stare at the screen,
Waiting for the hello,
That never seems be.
You are so distant,
It's just quite obvious,
And it does hurt,
To see things change so.
I miss the conversations we used to have,
All the questions,
I miss the closeness.
Now you're so far away,
So distant,
I can't even see you.
Come back to what you once were.
You say nothings changed,
But that's obviously a lie.
I see right in your eyes.
I'm no longer your muse.
This may all be a delusion,
And just paranoia.
But talk to me,
Make me okay again.
:icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 3
A new year.
This new year.
A new year is coming,
It scares me so much..
New change,
New start,
I don't know where to go.
Everything is blank,
And all options seem pointless,
My heart is for one,
But I don't know if its worth it.
I feel like I've lost,
All hope in love itself.
I just want to run away,
Far, far away,
From this point of no return.
There's something out there for me,
And I see it in the distance.
The point of getting there,
Is unreachable.
The more and more I talk to you,
The more and more I like you,
This year will be a new start,
I just hope that means with you.
:icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 0 0
Mature content
Chapter one. The meeting. :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 2 1
Almost that day to come ..
I see it coming,
I feel the emotions,
whirling around,
Tears building.
Its been 6 years;
Going on strong,
But I seem to break,
On the 12 of every May.
I remember the way your hair flowed,
And the way you would always smile.
You were always a guy that could fix things;
Cars were no problem.
I remember you would always tell me;
"I love you Stephanie"
And it would always make me happy.
Now you're passed,
And hard times only get rough,
And I always wish,
You were still here to make me laugh.
I'll always be a daddies little girl;
And I'll always be your only baby girl.
The only thing I can hope for,
Is that you're free,
From and angst and depression.
You only deserve the best,
I love you.
:icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 0
Realizing this now.
Days go by,
Long and longer they seem to be,
I'm quelled with feelings of angst and anxiety,
They make me do an action,
Looking through files and having thoughts go through my head.
One thing I noticed,
Love poems,
Mentioning brown eyes.
I'm enraged,
Tears well up inside me,
I'm ready to break ,
I can't believe I was so blind not to look,
At the one place that was obvious..
You love him,
I know you do,
And you're deceitful,
I can't believe I nearly believed you.
Mentioning his brown eyes that are only meant for me.
Don't go near him,
Don't even look at him,
Because you are not worth his time.
You had your chance to be the one that makes him happy but you lost it.
You decided to go with another man.
So stop feeling sorry for yourself;
You're scum,
That never happens,
Feelings will always come up.
I'm not stupid .
And I've never been so depressed.
And this just brings more anxiety;
But I needed an awnser..
Now that I have one,
I'm wondering ..
does he love her too ?..
:icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 5
The most Beautiful thing on Earth . by diasuki-anime The most Beautiful thing on Earth . :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 0 Tryin' somethin new . by diasuki-anime Tryin' somethin new . :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 3 0 Vent art by diasuki-anime Vent art :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 3 0 My ID by diasuki-anime My ID :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 0 5 DOODLES . by diasuki-anime DOODLES . :icondiasuki-anime:diasuki-anime 1 3


Campbell Beyond Wonderland by ToolKitten Campbell Beyond Wonderland :icontoolkitten:ToolKitten 12,493 312 Tizayluh21 Sketch by Banzchan Tizayluh21 Sketch :iconbanzchan:Banzchan 1,853 0 Stock 001 by TragicStock Stock 001 :icontragicstock:TragicStock 1,155 297 tea party by meago tea party :iconmeago:meago 6,867 399 penguincoco 3 by mochatchi penguincoco 3 :iconmochatchi:mochatchi 28 1 I want my legs back! by Iskander1989 I want my legs back! :iconiskander1989:Iskander1989 1,883 410 an ordinary day by zenibyfajnie an ordinary day :iconzenibyfajnie:zenibyfajnie 4,019 194 Grinning Cheshire Cat Hat by KayPikeFashion Grinning Cheshire Cat Hat :iconkaypikefashion:KayPikeFashion 4,203 241 HS - Valentines with John [GIF] by feshnie HS - Valentines with John [GIF] :iconfeshnie:feshnie 227 18 jared's eye by Seya-tuan jared's eye :iconseya-tuan:Seya-tuan 181 46 Moxxi's Bar by Its-Raining-Neon Moxxi's Bar :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 177 6 U po n  a  r e d  ti m e  n i gh t by sdrcow U po n a r e d ti m e n i gh t :iconsdrcow:sdrcow 220 22 .Pixel - Pokemon X Y. by lNeko-Hime .Pixel - Pokemon X Y. :iconlneko-hime:lNeko-Hime 1,359 141 Megan Michelle Commission by IleanaHunter Megan Michelle Commission :iconileanahunter:IleanaHunter 598 37
AmericaXReader~ Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
You smiled contently. You were leaning against a tall tree enjoying its shade, and reading your favorite book. It was lunch time at your high school and you were taking advantage of your alone time. You weren’t unsocial or anything, you just didn’t really like to be surrounded by people 24/7. You had a few friends and they understood your need for solitude at times.
“Excuse me,” a voice said in front of you.
Startled, you looked up. Standing before you was Alfred F. Jones. He was probably one of the loudest boys you had ever met. He was incredibly popular; a self-proclaimed hero who always wore a grin and looked like he had stepped out of a modeling magazine.
“Did it hurt?” he asked, cocking his head to the side.
“Did what hurt?” you asked, mildly irritated.
He gave a cheesy grin and stuck his hands in his pockets.
“Oh, you know, when you fell from heaven,” he smiled.
You blinked. He grinned. You blinked again. He was an idiot
:iconbeaglebug:BeagleBug 377 63




Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hey, I like video games, Poetry, ect. Very open minded.
Message me if you like, I am someone who is interesting to talk to. And I watch back, so if you'd like you're very welcome to press the watch button =P
So there's been a fuck ton of shit happening since I last went on. A lot of heart break, betrayal (on both ends) and fuckery. Though finally concentrating on the arts and my singing now. So shits gunna get real. Btw I have improved so there will be actual good art to look at c;

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Star--Stuff Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey, you! How long has it been since you were last online?
diasuki-anime Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Oh man quite a few years now. Starting back up though !
Star--Stuff Featured By Owner May 26, 2015  Student General Artist
goodness gracious whoa
im glad you are!
diasuki-anime Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks! Awwwe I feel loved ! Gunna put some writing up tonight :)
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diasuki-anime Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
For a little while now =o
It's been to long.. I can't even find the pen to my tablet D:
But I'm going to try and write more.
Star--Stuff Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh noes! I hate when my pen gets lost.. =~= It sucks. But yeah, write and be on more. I never talk to you anymore!

You probably forgot me. Q.Q
diasuki-anime Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I don't recognize your new user, but I know who you are ^^
How could I forget you ! You were one of my first friends on DA =D
I shall be on here more ! Just message me whenever hun ! Also yea, the pen being lost is so shitty D8
I just want to draw on the computer :c
How're you? <3
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AaronBonetti Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
nice web cam lol
diasuki-anime Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Haha thank you ((:
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Thanks for devWatch !! :w00t:
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