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Steampunk Metal Stone Mask

Steampunk Metal Stone Full Mask

Size: full face.
Materials: cardboard, plastic, recycled parts and paint.

More photos or purchase in my Etsy store: [link]
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Feb 22, 2011, 12:16:50 PM
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A very good mask!
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i smell jojo

I actually got this piece tattooed on my forearm and its been perfect. If you would like to see it then please email me at This piece is amazing and I would love to purchase this mask.
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Greetings Rafa, I loved this mask SO much, I painted a likeness of it using acrylic. I will provide the link for you to view it. Please contact me here or via email ( so that I may inquire what arrangements may be necessary for me to sell this piece. Thank you for your consideration and keep up the fantastic work. I am now starting the second painting, also based on one of your masks.

Hi, I sent you a note also. I'd like to use this for a Game character I'm developing and use it as here:…
Please let me know if that is ok or if you see any issues with that?
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A stunning Blend of styles. Great Work 
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The stone part makes me think of the Pyrophile from Doctor Who lol
Overall I think this is an amazing design and very balanced - the simplicity of the stone equalizes the complexity of the mechanical side.
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Glad you like this mask,  Thanks!
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This is a great composition! The concept is very close to what I am looking for in a book cover. Great work!
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Thanks for your amazing stock photo ... i used it here 
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A good composition, good luck!
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I'm glad you like this mask , thanks.
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What goes in to making something like this?
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For your information, I have available another mask on Etsy
Thank you for your attention.
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This is the best mask I have seen since ages :D

tell me how much you want for it, I can afford it :D
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I'm glad you like this mask, thank you!
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but I can't buy it :(
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I can make a custom mask like this, Are you interested?
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Yes, I would.
there are however three weighing factors

poduction time
production costs
shipment distance.

I live the hollands, which means creditcard isn't an all too common form of payment here.
If your bank allows internet transactions then we can do business
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it is devoid of any emotion.

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