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As you might have noticed from a number of my renders, I also write fiction on occasion as a hobby. I've got three fanfics out floating in the aether, including on (One Sailor Moon one, and two Revolutionary Girl Utena ones). A few days ago, I got a notice that someone left a comment on one of my fanfics at saying they'd read that one and did I know there was a fanfiction website doing a contest? Seemed to be a strong hint to take the one fanfic and enter it into the contest.

So I did. I've spent the past few days C&Ping the text files into the website's thing, then doing a bit of polishing to get it to look nice on that site. The story is now submitted to the contest.

It's an alternate universe Revolutionary Girl Utena fanfic, where I toss the cast into a setting that's essentially Britain of the legends of King Arthur, and I still think it's probably the best thing I've ever written. Want to check it out and vote for it if you like it? It's here: