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Gaheris and Parzifal - RIP

By DianePhotos
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My little friends passed away today...
I can't help crying, I miss them both, Amhar is slowly fading away too, I guess he will join them at the beginning of next week... :tears:
Parzifal and Gaheris both had tumors, Gaheris had a lung cancer and Parzifal had a tumor on his left ear which was growing inside his head, the vet couldn't save them :tears:

They were my second and third ratties, my little fawn babies, two sweethearts who loved playing and asking for cuddles, they were the sweetest ratties ever...

I'm losing them all lately, most of my ratties are very old ones, this is so painful, I miss them :'(

Good bye my little friends... :rose:

Stock used :
[link] by :icontasastock:
[link] by :iconcaserta-stock:
[link] by :iconxxlyndseyelizxx:
[link] by :iconalegion-stock:

Parzifal and Gaheris are from my own photos...

Thanks a lot for your amazing stock! :heart:

Good bye sweet babies :tears:

More of them (even more in my gallery) :
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SophieAlteaki's avatar
Beautiful. I know how hard it is to loose ratties we love. I lost my boys almost two years ago and i still miss them. We will never forget those sweethearts <3
Upironetopyr's avatar
I´m sorry, I didn´t notice that it passed away it was only reaction for that pic, it´s very nice done.
darkness846's avatar
awwww thats so sad:C :(
i love the art though
mufiinchihiro's avatar
OMG its cute! n.n
Samima's avatar
I love all your pictures so much! They are make with so much love for your little friends! So beautiful!
Your gallery is wonderful and your animals soooo lovely!
Sorry for bad english.
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! soooo sad
VileYonderboy's avatar
We had one for my daughter Named Mr. Whiskers and what an interesting creature...I was very sad when he died. I am sorry for your loss. What a wonderful image though I will share these with my kid!
WolfOnSilentWings's avatar
awh im so sry for your losses *hugs tighly* my fancey rat Moth passed away on sept 29th :cry: she was a sweety too, i miss her very much n i kno how u feel :heart:
Cazamelia's avatar
Very beautiful manipulation. I'm sorry about your ratties :(
Beautiful shot. I love the blending on the wings. I am so drawn to your images. You can tell the ratties are well loved and love their owner. Creative props and sets. I can't imagine how many images or how long it takes to get some of these images. Thank you SO much for sharing your rattie love!!
msshylo's avatar
Beautiful picture, but so sad.........
Nads-designs's avatar
All rats goes to heaven. Hehe, magnificent!!
KomodoEmpire's avatar
That's wonderful! Rats are so cool :)
Creyn's avatar
The folded wings are a nice touch, and for some reason they remind me of hamsters. I had two hamsters that both died because they were sick when I got them and from a breeder that didn't know how to take care of pets. :( It was a dirty, cluttered place and I felt so sorry for the hamsters, mice, and rats she had there. Alas, I could only take two, since we lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets and I had a tough time sneaking them in. (They didn't specify hamsters, they only specified cats and dogs, but I felt bad anyway for doing that)
norali's avatar
awwwww, this makes me miss my baby girl faye. she was such a good little rat :(
very nice manipulation hun
ratbasket's avatar
This is really sweet. I always wanted to do something like this for my rats who passed away - but I don't have the photoshop skills.
This is a great tradition you have started and it makes me happy that you love your rats so much. :)
aventris93's avatar
Awwww :) thats soo sweeet :heart:
Sammyos's avatar
I love it! what type of photo editor did u use?
DianePhotos's avatar
Photoshop CS3 :)
I use it for my paintings too (I'm mostly an illustrator : :icondianae: )
Thanks :)
Sammyos's avatar
my god your good!
DianePhotos's avatar
Serena1791's avatar
I know how much that hurts! Just lost the last one of four...she had a huge tumor...she was so lovely :-(

Sorry for u!
DianePhotos's avatar
Thanks for your nice words :hug:
Losing them is quite painful, they are such sweethearts... :(
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