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Darwin's Nightmare

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Why this name ? Because Charles Darwin used to say peacocks were his nightmare. How could such a shiny and bright colored bird have lasted ? Peacocks seemed to prove his theory wrong…

I love peacocks. Peacocks, starlings and crows are my favourite birds.

I wanted to make something that would use peacock feathers and my friend Jeanne told me about "bibis", which are very small "hats" that are mostly used as head jewellery, so I decided to make one.

This bibi is part of a set with a brooch and earrings.

This is my first try so critiques are very welcome ! :)

Peacock feathers (eyes and swords, no peacock has been hurt during the process : these feathers had been collected at the end of summer when the peacock lost them)
Black hen feathers a friend gave me
Swarovski rivoli cabochon (AB green)
Bibi base (which is a hard oval shape which fits the head)
Black elastic band (called "rat tail")
Black fabric
Gold plated chain
Gold plated beads
A lot of patience.

:star: I'll post some closeups shots of the bibi, brooch and earrings later. :star:

I hope you'll like it :)

Photo taken with my Canon EOS 350D and the kit lens.
I'm the model (the hair color has not been touched up in photoshop by the way, I really dyed my hair).

This is my own design, please respect that. Thank you.
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Oct 21, 2008, 5:39:21 PM
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Tucker-MHobbyist Photographer
Extremely pretty piece.  And I love your caveat re: welfare of the birds.
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andymoshiHobbyist General Artist
Nice, clear sign of Intelligent Design ;)
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Tucker-MHobbyist Photographer
There you go, Andy.  keep pushing that rock uphill.
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NarualHobbyist Digital Artist
Gorgeous! You look so divine with that perfect profile of yours...
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as it turned out.

the peacocks coloration did not effect his hypothesis as he thought it did.
Darwin at the time had not considered sexual selection.

He later performed extensive research on the topic involving Barnacle reproduction.
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zombiiexmassacreProfessional Digital Artist
[link] PLEASE!!! like their page if you have a facebook, they are doing great job and need to be known :3 :heart:
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Sonic1234567891Hobbyist Photographer
beautiful :love:
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mythoughtlessnessProfessional Photographer
Great Piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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dcsnijdersStudent Artisan Crafter
Awesome piece. I love the design, which is executed wonderfully, as well as the photography. Great work.
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Absolutely amazing.
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Actually, Darwin himself originated the theory of sexual selection, which is what modern biologist use to explain why flashy birds like the peacock and bird of paradise have such large, unwieldy feathers. Basically, females have genes that makes them prefer flashy males. Males with flashy feathers mate more. Of course, natural selection favors dull colored birds with small feathers, so the two forces oppose one another and an equilibrium is found somewhere in the happy middle. The fact that you know that peacock feathers kept Darwin up at night, however, is truly awesome.

This is a really great photo, and the name is great, too.
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CallistaAstraHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful craftsmanship. Excellently done :)
FrugalFannyCreations's avatar
I love it! Very pretty. :)
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KellalizardHobbyist General Artist
I'm a real fan for Peacock feather earrings and headwear. This design is absolutely gorgeous!
By the way, how many cameras do you own? It's my birthday on Saturday and I'm getting a Canon DSLR. all my photos previously were taken with a normal Fujifilm z70 home digital camera.
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That hairclip (If I may call it that) is absolutely deadly GORGEOUS.
I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
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andy-j-sHobbyist Photographer
wow Great Detail For A Shot Taken With A Kit Lens. :)
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The-Mad-PirateHobbyist General Artist
OMG Girl , you are Gorgeous !!!!!

That being said , i believe Darwin's Problem was that , being that his theory of natural selection was male centered ( like goats , for example , were males fight to death to prove their physical superiority to female goats ) , he couldn't Cope with the fact that peacocks have actually a female centered selection ( were are females who fight between them to gain the beutiful peacock male's attention).
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SweetIllustrationsProfessional Traditional Artist
Hey, hope you don't mind, I've featured this piece is my JEWELLERY showcase!


I'm not sure why I didn't realise you made jewellery before now ..! Excellent work, and, as usual, perfect photography :aww:
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I have to say I really like your design and you look good with crimson hair great photo :)
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Absolutely stunning.
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Agatha-MacpieHobbyist Traditional Artist
Superbe ! La couleur de tes cheveux est parfaite avec l'association verte/bleue des plumes de paon ! J'adorerai avoir une parure pareille !
Bravo ^^
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This is so pretty. My hair is usually dyed purple and teal so peacock feathers look really pretty in it.
(Also, you have a lovely profile!)
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Just perfect! Very beautiful model and picture :)
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