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This little jumping spider was so curious and cute I couldn't even believe it. It jumped on my fingers and face several times, almost played hide and seek, I really loved it.

It almost looked like a small plushie too :heart:

It was very very small though, I'd say no more than 5mm long... The poor thing had lost a leg but it didn't seem to care...

I found it in my car during my trip to Spain and set it free in the garden just when we arrived.

This shot has been taken in poor light conditions in the car at the end of the day so the dof is a bit short but I just adore the spider's expression here. Oh so curious and cute, look at those big puppy eyes :heart:

Canon EOS 350D
Canon EF-S USM 60mm


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60 mm
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Sep 12, 2010, 5:26:15 PM
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A spider with charm i love it :). Great shot though even if you did have poor lighting.
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Hi, this wonderful photo was featured at :iconthatoneperfectshot: :)

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You have spiders?! :fear:
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Ha-ha! Charming spider!
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How do you get such good pictures?? This is so amazing and jumping spiders are so cute!~ :D
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i absolutely adore jumping spiders =D
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You let it on your face?! :D How brave! It's very cute, but I would have worried about it's little fangs!
airplanewater's avatar
You just made a spider look cute.
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Too... much... cuteness... *dies*

I've never seen photos quite so colorful as yours! Amazing!
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i love jumping spider i think they are so cute
and this picture right here proves it

i love the colors in the background its really colorful
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I'm surprised! I am arachnophobic (getting better, but still) and can barely stand to look at a picture of a spider w/out freaking out (once went to library and checked out a book on spiders to try and overcome fear...^^;didn't work) and yet, this is adorable! I won't mind viewing this lil' cutie in the future. Thanks!
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I featured this here -> [link]
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is the earliest sweet description of a spider I've ever heard <3
very adorable eyes *.*
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How have I not seen your photography before?

This little guy is adorable. I have a tribe of 'ninja spiders' living in my bathroom at home, and I can never bring myself to takeown their webs or harm them, no matter how much my grandparents tell me to. They're known jump onto your feet if you put them too close to their webs, but they've never bitten, and if you wave a hand towards them they quickly retreat to their webs.

This one just looks so fluffy! If he wasn't so tiny, I'd give him a hug. <3
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fvadsfghdsfhdfh D: stop making terrifying things so adorable.
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don't you just love jumping spiders!?

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I'm so glad I'm not alone in thinking the little hairy spiders can be so adorable!
I've forbidden killing bugs in my house. Whenever they find one the call me and I do what you did and I put them outside haha!
Your photos are incredible and I looove the colors in this one! So perfect! adding cuteness and softness to something that has such a bad rep! :]
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Thank you very much for your comment, it's really great to know there are other people who love spiders and bugs too :)
I guess I love almost all creatures who suffer from bad rep, such as arachnids, reptiles, rats, mice... All animals/insects have their own unique beauty and deserve some love (the only thing I don't really like is parasites as I've somehow got a phobia) :)
redheadClover's avatar
Haha I totally agree! I have an extreme fascination with all living things too lol. And I hear ya! I don't want to say I pity the ones with bad reps.. But I think we can appreciate what other people can't see beyond. Like rats. They are such amazing little critters.
Parasites... are nasty. lol. The can do damage so that's different! haha
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I never thought spiders could be cute but this one is! :D
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I can almost hear him saying "Oh, hi there!" Hehe, he's adorable.
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Cute story, lol. I love jumping spiders as well. And I wouldn't worry about that missing leg. Spiders always grow back any missing limbs when they molt =).
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