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Thank you! :'D

1 min read
I just wanted to make a quick Journal to shout out to those of you who've been fav'ing and commenting on my art, since I don't have the time to reply to you all individually - THANK YOU. :'D It makes me feel so excited whenever I see any comment, add, or fave. If I wasn't secretly getting on dA while at work and therefore limited to how much time I can spend on here, I would reply to each of you with a personal thanks.

On my dA to-do list:
1. Continue submitting old work until my Gallery is sufficiently up-to-date.
2. Go find my old dA clubs and get back into the habit of submitting art there, too.
4. Get commissions!
5. ???
7. Stop using old jokes, they're surely out of style by now.

Anyway, THANKS AGAIN Y'ALL :heart: ;D
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Brushing off the dust...

2 min read
Hi everyone! ... (crickets chirp) Okay, yeah, it's been a super long time since I've updated here. Sorry.

I haven't been working on much art until recently, and now that I'm starting to get back in the swing of things, I'm going to start uploading new art again! :) Prepare for a small dump of old stuff this week before I get around to scanning my newer pieces.

I may also be going through a bunch of my old Journal entries and deleting them. I want to use my dA site as a temporary portfolio, so I need to clean the place up. (Oh, high school drama, I remember you... >_>;; time to bury you in the backyard like the rest of my childhood.)

Status updates on current art projects:

Commissions - 0/1

I currently have one commission pending that hasn't yet been given to me as I'm still being considered for the project. Though I no longer do commissions for online gifts (like Gaia gold, TinierMe items, etc.) I am happy to bargain for real money if you'd like a commission. Sketches start at $1, inked at $5, and color at a bajillion - I mean, at $20. The pricing for color can go up drastically depending on what type of coloring you want (traditional media vs digital color). Any complex requests may increase the price too, but hey, it never hurts to ask (and barter)!

Hana: Fantasy Comics - 2/X

Currently this project is on hold. I have been attending a lot of panels and reading success stories about professional comic-makers and realized that H:F is so massive that I need to write down an outline before I go through with this thing. Already I've realized that I'm starting the comic with too many characters, so I'll need to go and fix that... *SIGH*

Fan doujinshi - 0/0

THESE I will do on request, for FREE, if you have a good one-shot story that you'd like translated into a doujinshi (manga-style fan comic). I'd prefer to do these based on series that I already know. I have NO QUALMS with good PWP doujins, too. ;)
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Junjou Egoist

3 min read
M-m-mush w-warning...

If you've ever read Junjou Romantica, more specifically Junjou Egoist, this can be summed up in a simple comparison: Hiroki = Diana... if Diana were a gay boy.

Unfortunately, my Nowaki is as shy as I am. XD


I like you.
I like you.
It’s almost fun just to say it, to simply think of it. I can’t help think of the braid around my wrist, even though it’s too soft to feel under my sleeves, and I keep wanting to kiss it for luck.
There are other words in my head, dancing thoughtfully out of reach of my tongue. Some too enormous to contemplate yet, giddy and dizzy, the rest too small and insignificant in place of simply feeling. Once upon a time words tumbled out of my mouth like warm rain, but after years of practice my teeth are a well-made dam. Why speak, I ask myself, when people are so prone to take offense? Rather sit quiet and smile and let everyone else do the offending.
I can’t think of how long it’s been. Three years? Really? Whoever heard of getting the girl after THREE YEARS? But I guess… that’s what made it important. I didn’t want her to go away, so I creaked open the hinges of my mouth and finally said something.
And still she likes me –
After that? I feel so cold thinking about the things I did in sport around her, thinking that by being mum I’d force her hand, make her show something I didn’t see but knew had to be there, some reason for her silly stubbornness. I hate thinking that I hurt her, trying to play the damsel in the movies, the prize for an epic hero.
I don’t know how to say it. My teeth are still firmly closed and the right words escape me by dancing too close for comfort. But I must say it, because my heart has no other lips, because it propels me feverishly while my head burns from the horrific thought of being completely honest. I don’t know when I became addicted to lying, but I don’t know how to quit. Where’s a nicotine patch when you need one?
I like her.
And now I’m all smiles and kisses on my bracelet again, thinking of what to say next.


So, um, I like Iris. Aoiayame16 :heart:
And I'm posting this before I have a chance to change my mind.

:iconfushigi-yuugi-club: :iconfushigi-yuugi: :iconfushigi-yuugifanclub:
:iconavatar-fan: :iconjeongjeongfans: :iconavatar-fanclub: :iconfrothersfans: :iconavatards-anonymous: :icontoko-fans:
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5 min read


So if anyone wants to grab on for the ride, I have 3+ spaces for people in my super expensive hotel room. x_x P-please!? 8'(

Work is fun; even if the customers are rather annoying, my coworkers rock. I earn about 1300 + overtime after taxes. Laura and Sam R and I are looking to find a place to rent because Angel is a diva who changes his mind constantly and has decided to buy himself a car for his birthday instead of move out.

Oooooh, I am SO ready to move out. Mom's annoying. I mean, I like not having to deal with bills and such but I am just frustrated by my family and I want to live with my friends. OMG, if there are for some reason any Avatards reading this in the North Virginia area who want to comne live with me, I would worship you forever if we could live together and squeal over Avatar and such. :heart: (But yeah right.)

I'll get to college eventually. My low $10/hour paycheck combined with a desire to play video games 24x7 is slowly working off my reluctance toward school. I think I'll start slow and just get some online courses to do while I'm at work so I can still earn money and live on my own and what have you. The independence makes me feel a little better. =)

OMG! So, I'm actually eating more healthily, believe it or not. I do still eat at McD's every day, but I order a salad a lot of the time and I re-use my cup so I don't have to pay $1 for 3c worth of soda each day. And I only have ONE soda per day. I drink juice and water and milk otherwise. *pats self on back*

Angels Online = funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
I'm working on an entry for their Wallpaper Contest in the forum, so I'll post that up here in the next week when I finish coloring it. I wish the theme was more open-minded, though, so I could use a few of my more interesting wallpaper ideas... x3
If you want to play with me, I'm a lvl 19 Protector in Haniel's Dark City and a lvl 25 Priest in Nisroc's Aurora. My username in both servers is Quinth. :)

I really want to do something on the side of my work here at Koons to earn some extra cash. Maybe graphic/web design or some art commissions (how do you spell that!?) ... I've been trying to work on my art and writing skills by practising at work, whenever I'm not playing loads of Free Cell Solitaire anyway. ^^;

I love Greek mythology, and Anne Ursu's book was a wonderful read (despite being far below my reading level...).

BRB lunch time. I'll continue this Journal when I get back in an hour! ;D :heart:


Anyway, Ursu's book was lovely. I can't remember the title for the life of me, of course. 9_9; The main character, Charlotte, (that name always makes me think of 'harlot' o_0) reminds me a lot of myself, so it was even better. ;) Like Charlotte, I used to think of myself in third-person WITHOUT TRYING and I would actually get frustrated with myself because thinking in third person is... really irritating... and also like Charlotte, I think my best skill is lying. XD!

Ho hum. I can't think of anything else to add for now. =) I'm gonna hop over to LJ and see if I can find some roomies for NYCC! :heart:

:iconfushigi-yuugi-club: :iconfushigi-yuugi: :iconfushigi-yuugifanclub:
:iconavatar-fan: :iconjeongjeongfans: :iconavatar-fanclub: :iconfrothersfans: :iconavatards-anonymous: :icontoko-fans:
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Life Update

4 min read
Well... still got an hour to kill here at work. Might as well try to update my Journal. ;3

Mom's still crazy, though she vents more at my little sister so I feel a bit better. Tori keeps getting Fs in school. HAW HAW. x3 Mike's nice but I still get that occasional creepy feeling from him about being too touchy-feely. It's a European thing I think, though, so I ignore it. Dad's losing all kinds of money again and he got fired. Re: HAW HAW. God, I feel kind of pathetic actually writing down my intensely happy feelings of revenge watching my family suffer now that I don't have to be tied to them.

I'm getting more and more independent. Whew! I hope to be able to live on my own in a year, though I'd like to have y'know housemates to split the bills. ^^;

I'm on some antidepressants right now but they seem to be having no effect. My psychiatrist says they are supposed to get rid of my uneccessary anxiety but this morning I had another anxiety attack before I went to work. The only reason I can fall asleep at night is because work and driving is taxing, and I still have my same trouble with staying asleep. So, kick my psych's butt next time I see him. I'm still taking my full dose just to prove him wrong! >:3

Work is SO LOVELY. I am so happy here. If I was at college right now I think I'd be miserable and bored. At least here my boredom earns money. =D Right now I am focused on earning money, enough to support myself, and hopefully moving up in the ranks of my dealership (Toyota~ the opposing business of my terrible old great-grandma! Muahaha!) in a few months. I'm a fast learner and all I need to do is get comfortable with my co-workers until I can branch out and pull myself up the ladder into a service advisor position or something. >:3 :heart:

Umm... Angel's like my BFF right now. I love him so much. ;3; We go out and chat and just hang out without really any goals to do anything and it's so wonderful. :heart: I like having someone who can just chill out with me. I also love the fact that he never gets offended when I yell or use a mean tone with him, because he knows I don't mean it at all. Aaaahhhh I love how simple our relationship is!!! :heart: Lol.

I decided to let go of a lot of things I was doing when I was unemployed. I'm not obsessively stalking LiveJournal anymore, work tires me out too much to roleplay with my online friends (though I have GOT to get back in the swing of Hana, jeez) and I gave up the fey mod that Jose wanted me to write for the end of 3.5 D&D. Ugh, don't get me started on that fey mod, the writers are fucking dumbasses for creating the prep there. SHADOWS AND FEY ARE OPPOSITES YOU MORONS. THEY CAN'T COMBINE. DUHHH. FUCK YOU AND YOUR RULE BENDING. DX<

Umm... lol I wrote that up above... I wish I could chat with Iris and Angel and Jackie while I was at work. I haven't spoken to Jackie in ages. And Iris never calls me. :/

Whenever work is slow I try to practise drawing a little just so I can get back into the rhythm of things. Man I have lost a lot of skill. =(

My laptop is still fucking breaking for no apparent reason. I blame the people who replaced my monitor and I think they must have screwed something up. Bastards.

Well, if I think of anything else to add, I'll just make another journal at work. =P Haha.
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