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ROZIN: Why The War Started

Spoilers for 3x06, "The Avatar and the Fire Lord".

ASDKJGHF. Rozin, aka Roku/Sozin, is canon. (I called it.) This is my interpretation of their conversations, analyzing in depth how the world war in Avatarland started. *nod*

Side note: Gyatso-Roku bishie hair swoosh is THE CUTEST THING EVER! :heart: *melts*

ACTUAL LINE IN THE EPISODE ---> Roku: "Have a cookie!" 8D

Anyways I doodled this on the back of my Avatar Online concepts while watching episode 3x06. I hope y'all enjoy. :)
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Also, this is so canon it hurts.
Hot-Sauce-Vixxen's avatar
Oh. Mah. Gawd. That person is so right about the hairpin Sozin gave Roku. It is totes a masturbation thing. o_O
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Definately :D great comic!!

I like the part where sozin asks roku's wife if he can "borrow him for a minute"

wife: it's not very traditional but ok..
sozin: great thx! *sweeps roku off to royal bedchamber*
DianaLW's avatar
LOL!! XD That's exactly what my mind predicted they would do~ :heart:

Thank you =)
rain-siren's avatar
lol, your welcome!
it's too bad that didn't happen :(
DianaLW's avatar
It TOTALLY did, just not on camera! This IS a kid's show, after all. ;) lol XD
rain-siren's avatar
thankyou for not crushing my (man on man) dreams!!! :D

It's true, they did :) .... off camera ...apart from that one amatuer video that leaked onto the internet hehe...
DianaLW's avatar
O___O LINK PLOX!!!11

lol =P If only... >>;
rain-siren's avatar
haha :D
dayum, where did i put that link??

(wouldn't that suck finding real rozin footage on the internet- then forgetting where u found them!)

oh yes, & i joined up to roku_sozin as rainsiren4 :nod:
i should draw something to post there, mwahah
DianaLW's avatar
(i think if i lost such treasure i'd have to commit seppuku)

yeeeesssss you should~~~~ 8D
PriestessOfNox's avatar
:lmao: "Have a cookie..." :lmao:
Lord44's avatar
cute job on the chibis
have a cookie sozin! :giggle::cookie:
DianaLW's avatar
vick330's avatar
It's true that we never saw Sozin with a girl :omg: good analysis, Freud would be proud of you :lol:
DianaLW's avatar
Lol! I mean, they both had to marry in order for Zuko to be born, but marriage never strictly means straightness. |D
vick330's avatar
Very true -_-
gelb's avatar

Not to mention, that hair thing Sozin gave Roku is totally a fleshlight/male masturbation tool. xD
DianaLW's avatar

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that was something yu totally don't expect the great wise roku to say eh?
aaaand technically didn't they marry and have wives & kids? sorry to pke holes in your logic...
DianaLW's avatar
Ahh, that's okay. My logic isn't supposed to be, um... logical. xD
bluchimera's avatar
for funniness sake, i just realized that the pairing's name is that sticky substance violinists put on their bow.
rozin: the love that's sticky enough to make music! XD
spencer-will-kill's avatar
I think you're thinking of 'resin'.
DianaLW's avatar
Oh mah gawd, that's kind of ridiculous. XD This should be a new slogan somewhere!
zeldalilly's avatar
have a cookie! *squee* i thought that was amazing that he said that!
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