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Project Chibi Heartless, comic 1.

Umm... technically this is the second or third PCH comic... o_O Whatever.

I messed up on coloring this a lot because of how fast I was going, trying to color everything all at once. Luckily my scanner sucks, so you can't see most of my numerous mistakes. C8

I don't know what a wii box looks like. XD Yay for no references!!! EVER!!!


Introducing Heartless One and Two. Here you see Two's excessively optimistic nature and uh... One's been hanging around Three too much. You'll see Three in the next comic.

You can tell the differences between them in a few ways... One is completely black, with red speech bubbles. Two has an emblem on its chest, and has orange speech bubbles. Three will have green speech bubbles and Four will have blue. My Heartless has purple. SENSE A PATTERN!?!? 8D Yeah whatev. You'll be seeing more of these guys for CoDraMo. [link]

decided that boys have curved antennae and girls have pointy antennae when I asked her which was which. [link] Apparently I'm a boy. 0_o
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... omg I love, love, love your characters, they are so pure and simple but so complex at the same time, love them please never stop whit your drawings!!! :clap:

"join to the dance, of those who remains"
cause it's the safest time... :pumpkin:
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Thank you so much!! =)

I have quite a few comics written up that just can't get finished because my laptop died.
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Ahaha, thats awesome, sorry for commenting all of your new ones if you find me annoying, i'd rather to at cute, pretty things than look at my coursework hehe -_-'
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No problemo mi amigo 8) :heart:

Lol I tend to do the same thing to other peoples' galleries when I'm shocked into awe by their art... mass-commenting and mass-faving ^^; whoo!