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Odyssey of the Mind SUX

Ugh... this year we spent soooooooooooo much effort into making the costumes and set and plot and it was amazingly wonderful, and the judges were fucking bitches with dicks shoved so far up their asses they had to shit out of their mouths onto out scores paper. We got 5th place out of 6 high school teams, and out score was SHIT. Jackie and I, the two who spent the most time on OM, are literally fuming and heartbroken at this flagrant whoring of cunts for judges. UGH.

And now, I shall rant on about our group and why it roxxor'd every other group there. ^_^*

The problem we were given was "The Jungle Bloke", in which we had a few months to come up with an original script about a "Bloke" who could speak with animals and helped the animals solve a problem in the jungle. We also needed an original song and dance to be included in the 8-minute-long skit. (Max 8 mins.) We had to do research on one of three jungles (we chose the Amazon) and include at least one human other than Bloke who had to be convinced that Bloke could speak with animals and at least two species of animals from the chosen jungle.

Our plot was this: the evil spirit of the Amazon Jungle devised a sinister plot to create chaos. It's evil plan was acted out as it took sugar and fed it to the good spirit(s) who then went hyperactively crazy and started running around the jungle destroying everything. The Bloke, during this, is walking around the forest lost and nervous, wondering where he's going to find the last item on his shopping list: pajamas. He brings out a food bar to eat because "Oh, oh... whenever I'm nervous, I eat!!" and a nearby Bird, seeing the food, squawks and tries to get the food from Bloke. Bloke shrieks like a lil girl and jumps backwards out of fear, directly into the path of a crazy hyperactive spirit, who knocks him down. The Bird flies over and tries to get the food from the unconscious Bloke, but ends up waking him.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!" they both scream, as Bird flies out of the way and Bloke scrambles to his feet. "Don'teatmedon'teatmedon'teatme!!" screams Bird. "OH MY GOD! You can talk!?" "OH MY SPIRIT! You can understand me!?" Bloke wonders if maybe his food bar made him go crazy. Bird explains cheerfully that it was actually probably the good spirit's fault for bumping into him. "What spirit?" "That-" THUNK! The spirit falls down. "-spirit." "...I don't see any spirit." Bird explains that humans can't see spirits, and then explains that spirits control the flow of life in the jungle. Bloke worriedly panics and wonders why spirits would want to run him over, and Bird again explains that the evil spirit is feeding them "evil sugar", which makes them go hyperactive and destroy everything and then fall asleep for 1,000 years when the sugar wears off.
"I-I'm sorry... Well, ah, g-gotta go! Heh, heh... um, p-paj-jamas t-to find, ya know!" Bloke tries to leave but Bird opens up the Book of Spirits that is on the sleeping good spirit's body and starts reading. Bloke asks, "Um... s-so... what;s it s-say?" And then they burst out into random song like in musicals!
When the evil spirit tricks the good
With it's sugary, evil ways
Heart beats leap to the highest peak
And for a thousand years, asleep they'll stay
Once the sweet poison wears away
...The earth will die.
The sky will fall.
The seas will shake...!
The eggs will break...!
There is an antidote to cure the sleep!
It is very hard to find.
Earth and water must be crossed,
And a shyness must be lost!
The ignorant must be turned wise
Before the sun meets the horiz...on!
Who blocks the way!
It hides amongst the rocks, so gray.
Fought off by man!
And vanquished by friend!
Use the Antidote to beat
Spirits unpoisoned by the Sweet.
Only together can the way be found,
Spirits repaired will heal sky, sea, and ground.
Just one spray...
Will save the day!

(To be continued!! Lols, dinner.)
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wowwww that's... unique even for O.M.

ours wasn't this cool and they sent us to world... i was literally a big foot.
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odyssey of the mind!!! WOOT!!!!
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ohhh "Jungle Bloke" ; **