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Maple Story - Ilune

Oooooo, color! 8D I :heart: this pic soo much, even tho it only took me like 3 hours. (lol "even tho"... usually my digital pics take 4-6 hours if colored xOx)

Ilune is a random character in MS on Windia who I passed by and thought "hey she looks cool! SCREENSHOT O YEA" And then I made this piccy. ^_^ I like the detail of her see-through sleeves and dress (it doesn't look *exactly* like that, but hey, w/e, artistic liscence!) and the creepy faded eye thing. I'm so happy this turned out nice.

This is an example of a DIGITALLY colored chibi, aka if Ilune had commissioned me to do this it would have cost her $30. Digitally colored anime-styled pics are $50. I'll update my journal tonight with more details etc. =)
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Really cute picture! I like her eyes ^-^
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Do you Play MapleStory?
Bwahahaha! Can't escape me. You thought you were safe on DA, But you're not.

Anywho, I really like the pic. Especially the eyes. Well done. *Sparkle*
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I do play MS, but not much right now. Avatar seems to take up 98% of my time. XD

Thanks! This is one of my favorite pics because I usually suck so bad at coloring. ^_^-
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Thanks ^____^-
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cute style, i like the hair :3
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Thanks! It was mostly airbrushing using lighter and lighter shades of yellow, with a small "smoke" brush making the white lines. This is my first time coloring with this style actually, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. =)
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