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CoDraMo 2 Comic - A:TLA

Yue's origins are a little fishy, aren't they Sokka? C8

Poor Sokka's about to get pwnd by moon magic. I think the only way he can save himself is by adding, "A... very, very sexy fish?" and hoping Yue will have a mood swing in his favor. o_0;

Continuation of style from [link]
CoDraMo is "Comic Drawing Month" - check it out here: [link] ! :>

Once again I reiterate my scanner's horrible quality. : ( Yue's supposed to be a silver-fishy-like.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is not owned by me, it's owned by Nick. :< Alas.
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Lmao, how awful of Sokka! :XD:
Really cute. :lol:
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That's hilarious.
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they remind me of little cookie people.
Very cute!
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I thought of cookies too!!!
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ok, why are they naked?!?!?

but yeah, sweety, youve made out with a fish basically...xD
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Well, chibis are often drawn naked... =D Tee hee.

Really it's just easier to draw them without clothes, lol. xD
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yeah, thats true... good point!!xD
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That's really funny and they look cute in chibified form :D
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She's still adorable. *attacks the fave button* :D
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Thanks! ^3^
Yeah, Yue is pretty adorable... for a fish. *gets fishslapped*
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*chuckles* Adorable.
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:bows: :heart:
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:rofl: So true. Poor Sokka, but he really does these things to himself.
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That's why we love him so much! =D :heart:
Sokka, the Meat and Sarcasm Guy~~~
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