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Ridley To Riley :icondianagohan:DianaGohan 28 17
New Kinds Of Power
It was a typical sort of scene: the legendary hero of time Link on the back of his horse Epona.  The princess of Hyrule Zelda behind him, holding a bow and arrow in her hands as she shot out a powerful Light Arrow at the figure in front of them, the pig monster Ganon.  It howled out in pain as Link rode forward, taking out the Master Sword to deliver a powerful magical slash which tore the creature in two.
The familiar imagery ended however as instead of the Pig monster disappearing, the torn halves became separate globs of ooze and darkness.  Before the hero and princess could analyze what had happened, the darkness chunks shot out.  One knocked Zelda off the horse as tendrils started pinning her to the ground, while the other wrapped tightly around Link and Epona, causing them to fall to the ground in an undignified thud.  The hero of time grunted out, desperately trying to free himself and his steed from this darkness, but to no avail.&
:icondianagohan:DianaGohan 7 1
The Balance FOR Power
Throughout the eons of Hyrule, be it before the formation of Death Mountain; after many had supposedly figured out all the secret paths and areas of The Lost Woods; and even during conflicts of alternate worlds like Termina and the Realm of Twilight, there was always one constant: the struggle between the three bearers of the pieces of the Triforce. Specifically, the battles that would often happen when the being who used the Triforce of Power to try and over take the land, being stopped by the bearers of Wisdom and of course, Courage. And though the powers that used good would be victorious, the evil of it would often find a way to come back and cause more terror. Such as the case now for the particular bearer, the latest sole male Guerdo King Ganondorf the 9th, who had broken into the main castle kingdom of Hyrule, ready to claim the power he felt was owed to him. Not knowing the fate that awaited him, that would forever change the destiny of this land...
The self-proclaimed lord of
:icondianagohan:DianaGohan 5 7


Typical Sister by mrgardenart Typical Sister :iconmrgardenart:mrgardenart 558 59
Half Genie Spirit
There had been a bright flash of light...
And then nothing.
They had all been fighting something, yet memories were hazy in her mind. The purpose as to why, how and where did not seem to matter much at this point. She couldn't budge, couldn't speak and her own thinking processes were somewhat addled by a force that kept her in place, in chains in an almost literal way as she had been transformed into an immobile object. She could not see it, she could not truly discern it, yet she could feel it deep within herself that she was trapped, that someone would need to save her from this predicament, lest all hope would be lost.
For Samus Aran, this was a position that she had never been truly prepared for. She usually did the scouting, the fighting and the rescuing, ever the one with resources and the skills to complete any objectives, with or without her armor. Now, she was without the Chozo suit and without...allies. Yes, she had been fighting against something, or at least preparing to do
:iconincredibleintruder:IncredibleIntruder 135 60
Benefactor Piece - A few years later... by HeartGear
Mature content
Benefactor Piece - A few years later... :iconheartgear:HeartGear 2,226 44
Life of a Catgirl Maid
Gary was unemployed, but not through lack of trying, and rent was coming up. How do you get experience for a job if you don't have a job to get experience?
He hadn't fought tooth and nail through college just to crash and burn here. He had no siblings to turn to, and his parents had been all to happy to have him move out and they'd be none too happy to have him move back in. They blamed his current lack of finances on his overindulgence on video games, never mind he hadn't been able to afford the money or time for a new game for over a year. Let alone anyone to play them with.
Why did life have to be one giant bumper car ride? Gary almost envied those middle-men-drones who could count on where to go to work and where to go home to each day, if they weren't obviously miserable wrecks trapped in the rat race.
"Do you even know what you want to do with yourself?" His parents would always ask.
The advertisement in the want ads was too good to be true, but Gary was in desperate times
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 59 52
Don't Ride With Strangers 2 by rocketXpert
Mature content
Don't Ride With Strangers 2 :iconrocketxpert:rocketXpert 429 32
Don't Ride With Strangers by rocketXpert Don't Ride With Strangers :iconrocketxpert:rocketXpert 921 40
Reverse Corruption Bowser Sculpt A New Princess
"Lord Bowser! A gift from Princess Peach! She said to open it next time you plan on kidnapping her!" Said two Goombas running in with a large box.
He got up from his throne and laughed. "HA! I knew she cared about me more than that pesky plumber! Must be a tuxedo for our wedding!"
Sure, Peach had said 'no' like, several dozen times, and that one time they had actually gotten married had nearly triggered the end of the world, but he wasn't about to let something like that stop him. Like when his koopalings turned the kings of the mushroom worlds into animals and stole their wands as a distraction to kidnap her again. She was just playing hard to get.
Bowser tore open the box. A jeweled-wand on a jack-in-the-box like spring popped out and blasted the koopa king, turning him to clay.
The 'Goombas' threw off their costumes, revealing themselves to be toads. "That was too easy!" Said Captain Toad.
"I'll get Bowser, you get the warp whistle!" Toadette said as she grabbed hold of Bowser. Capt
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 108 46
SL 44v1 by HeartGear SL 44v1 :iconheartgear:HeartGear 387 148 Samus Bondage Cleavegag by reptileye
Mature content
Samus Bondage Cleavegag :iconreptileye:reptileye 1,089 29


By pal Alex Warlorn has something to say about bullies he asked people to repost around so I shall.

"Repost if you have a heart.

Dear bullies,
The boy you punched in the hall today? Committed suicide a few minutes ago.
That girl you called a slut in class today? She's a virgin.
The boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day? She is already being abused at home.
You think you know them. Guess what, you don't!
You think pushing them around will make you feel better. It won't.
You think you be strong. You can, but not like this.
Do the smart thing and turn your life around. It's not too late.

Re-post this if you are against bullying, but I bet 99% of you won't. Re-post this if you're that 1% with a heart"

You heard the man.  
Have a new story up on where I post my larger stories.  And for fans of "Ridley To Riley" it's another Smash Brothers related story so check it out please.…
Have finally now updated my profile for the first... ever to hopefully get my writing work a bit more attention.  

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In the halls of Smash Mansion, a figure cackled to himself as he flew only a few inches above the ground.  Ridley, the draconic space pirate commander from Zebes, stopped his flight as he reached a piece of paper stapled to the walls of the mansion, scanning it closely.

“Hmmm, which victim should I choose next?” Ridley asked himself, looking through the list of various names as his tail flicked against the wall, the blood that came from it trickling around the paint.  “Let’s see… the moronic giant ape might actually put up a slight challenge which could be amusing.  Then again…” he focused on one particular name that stated ‘Female Villager Ai Rose’, darkly smirking.  “It’s always fun to give a young innocent snowflake their first true dose of fear.”

“Yeah, not so much,” Ridley looked confused to see bounty hunter Samus Aran behind him, holding out her arm cannon.  “Especially when they grow up and become the thing YOU fear, monster.”

Ridley sighed, turning his attention fully to Samus still staring at him.  “There’s no need for you to be here, HUNTER.”

“Uh, considering the fact you’re still breathing, there’s plenty of reasons for me to be here.”

“Perhaps if I was here on a heist, but as a fellow competitor, well you really have no jurisdiction for that,” Ridley reminded her, spreading his wings again to fly closer to Samus.  “I know it must agonize you so much to see me here getting ready to mangle your precious allies and be utterly powerless to do anything about it.  I know it so well,” Ridley flashed another wicked smile.  “However, that’s just the way things are Hunter.”

“I figured you would think that,” Samus stated, staring up at the beast as she lowered her cannon and folded her arms.  “And I KNEW you would also be the type to flagrantly beleive that just because you didn’t technically kill anyone, you could get away with any other violent impulse twirling through your mind.”

“Well not every thought, as that would imply exerting more effort on this trash then needed, but so long as they pathetically are able to cling to their lives, they’re in no position to really complain.”

“Congratulations… on being about 10 Billion Percent incorrect on that remark,” said another voice as the giant gloved presence of Master Hand teleported in right next to Samus and pointed over at Ridley.  “Because I’ve gotten quite a few complaints all centered on you, Ridley.”

The Zebesian dragon turned to him.  “Such as?”

Master Hand was shown looking through several sheets of paper.  “Well there was that battle with Alph you had on Distant Planet a few days back.”

A flashback quickly showed the Zebesian dragon and the Koppai engineer charging at one another.  Alph quickly plucked out a combination of red, blue and yellow Pikmin which he threw at Ridley.  The space dragon simply extended his left claw to grab the three colored little flower  aliens, before bringing them close to his jaw.  In one chomp, Ridley bit their heads off, throwing the half eaten corpses back at Alph. The little engineer stared in shock at this, throwing up in his helmet as Ridley merely wiped his mouth.

In the present, the space pirate commander rolled his eyes.  “Do you know how many of those disgusting, insignificant creatures that little weakling sacrifices in just one fight?  Why not at least try to find another use for those things?”

Master Hand looked through more of his notes.  “Okay, well how about that skirmish you had with Sonic on the Summit yesterday?”

Another flashback then showed the Ice Climber stage with Sonic running around on top of one of the sheets of ice, looking for something.  Suddenly Ridley flew down, managing to grab the blue hedgehog by the back and drag him along the ice.  He finally stopped right along the edge of the stage, holding onto Sonic tightly as he submerged only the blue hedgehog’s head into the water, Sonic desperately struggling to get out of his grip.  

“It’s going to take more than swiftness to escape your fate,” Ridley remarked. Sonic continued to struggle as ominous music started playing in the background.  

“Come on fool, you can put up more of a fight than that!” Ridley cackled, the music getting faster and faster.  Right before it was about to cut off however, Ridley quickly extended his hand back, moving Sonic’s head out of the water as the hedgehog took quick desperate breaths, coughing up the ice that was lodged in his throat.

“Hmmm, that looked quite unpleasant.”  Ridley snickered some, quickly placing Sonic’s head back in the water as the hedgehog started to struggle once more.  “That’s a feeling you’ll have to endure for the rest of this match.”  The dragon laughed as the counter above showed there were still over 9 minutes left to go in the fight.

Back in the present Ridley tapped his claw along the wall.  “And how is it my fault that imbecilic porcupine never learned to swim? If anything, you could say I was doing him a favor.”

Master Hand then turned over to his final page of notes.  “Then of course there were the events of your last match…”

We then saw a flashback of only a few minutes ago in the Norfair stage where Ridley teleported in, with Bowser teleporting right in front of the dragon space commander.

“Uh, hey, think you can do me a favor in this match man?” Bowser asked pointing over to his eye.  “I just got in these new Koopa contacts for my eyes because apparently swimming around/getting thrown into lava keeps burning all my other ones so, uh, they still need some time to adjust and such.  So uh, can we not do any face blows for this match? Fiend to uh… I guess other fiend?” Ridley only glared at him.  “Cool, glad you understand.”  

The countdown to the start of the match ended, and Ridley immediately aimed his tail upward to stab through Bowser’s left eye.  

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My good eye!”  Bowser cried out, holding the eye in pain. “Whyyyyyyy?” Ridley’s now blood soaked tail then whacked him on the side of his face, sending him into a pit of lava below.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh! Well, seems like the contacts are holding but still, owwwwwwwwwww!”

That flashback ended as well, Ridley looking confused at Master Hand.  “How would you even know about that so fast?”

“Because I told him,” said a voice, revealed to be Bowser, holding a Heart powered ice-pack over his still recovering eye socket.  “Seriously Ridley, that was a dick move.”

“Oooh the villain and scoundrel did things others don’t approve of! Whomever would have seen that coming?” Ridley sarcastically remarked before turning to Master Hand.  “If you did not want such things happening in your precious little tournament glove, then you should not have invited me.”

“Look I get the whole evil thing,” Master Hand pointed out.  “You’re a villain, you’re going to do bad things to everyone yadda yadda yadda.”  He pointed over at him. “However, this is a fun lighthearted fighting tournament about Smashers brawling with one another to determine who is the strongest, not about sadists getting their kicks just picking on someone else.”   The glove then twirled his fingers.  “That’s why I made specific rules about not being able to abuse or dismember your opponents; rules which you obviously broke several fold.”

“So… are you saying you’re going to kick me out?” Ridley asked, trying to hide his nervousness as he saw Samus glaring at him through her armor and instinctively backed away some.  “After how many requests and demands and passionate cries the populous made demanding my inclusion to this tournament?”

Master Hand sighed.  “Fortunately for you, the loud heavy fan outcry really is too much for me to do that.  If it weren’t, yeah I would have.  I never had this problem with the other villains, even 'king of evil' Ganondorf so I shouldn’t be having it from you.”  He then pointed over at Ridley.  “So thank said populous for demanding your inclusion, otherwise I would’ve kicked you out, just like that space pirate crew of yours who got tired of resurrecting you every time Samus blasted you to pieces.”

Ridley growled at this.  "That was supposed to be withheld information, glove."

"Eh, Samus already figured it out so why bother hiding it?" Master Hand asked. Ridley looked over to see Samus waving at him smugly beaming a huge smile inside her helmet as the space dragon just grunted, turning away from her as the hand continued speaking.  “However, you are past just getting a simple warning about behavior, and do have to face some punishment for your actions.  And Bowser thought of a rather unique one that calls for a pretty major attitude overhaul.”

“Are you talking about THAT failure?” Ridley asked, pointing over at Bowser. “What could he possibly think of that would be of any use?”

“Heh, you should keep up with meme culture dragon neck,” Bowser stated as he was shown holding something in his left claw.  “Because there’s a particularly juicy one involving me that you’re about to be a part of.”  The object was revealed to be a golden crown with black eyes, and a pink and white mushroom head on top of it.  “Know what this is?”

Ridley simply turned away, flapping his wings as he began to fly off.  “No, and I have no need to find out” he stated.  “If you are in no position to exile me glove, then you are in no position to punish me like one of your little bratty children.”

Samus jumped up, extending out her grapple beam to grab Ridley around the neck.  “How about treating you like a mindless beast that needs to be held down before his shot is injected?” she asked, jumping once again and shooting a missile. This hit Ridley’s back, making him cry out.  Samus then kicked him hard in the neck, making the dragon beast fall to the ground.  She stood on top of him, aiming her arm cannon as it was shown charging.  “This is happening no matter how much you try fighting back, MONSTER.”

Ridley howled, trying to get up and throw Samus off of him.  “It will take more than… this… to stop me hun- AHHHHHHHHH!” Ridley cried out, getting hit by the fully charged arm cannon as he was left momentarily dazed.

“Good job Samus,” Master Hand stated, pointing over at the golden crown as is it started pulsing with white energy, Master Hand telepathically moving it through the air.  “You can get off now.  This is where MY punishment for him begins.”

“Hey, this was my idea!” Bowser pointed out.

“True, but if it wasn’t for my cosmic deity god level powers, your plan would’ve just given him an additional ten coins.”  Samus quickly rolled out of the way as the crown was dropped on top of Ridley’s head.  “Thanks to me though, we’re getting a far richer experience.”

Samus nodded, a wicked grin appearing on her face as she crossed her arms. “Yeah, I’d pay at least forty Galactic Express Charges for this show.”

Ridley scowled, quickly getting up.  “I have no idea what you idiots are blathering on about…” The dragon then noticed a pink and white glow swirling around his body as he looked around confused.  “What the fuc- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He cried out, the light getting brighter as his entire body began to change.

First off, the space dragon’s scaly hide started melting off of his body.  The other three looked a bit shocked to see the purple plates that made up Ridley’s skin peel away, leaving a somehow alive yet bloody beast continue crying in agony on the floor.  The layers of muscles and monstrous organs didn’t stay uncovered for long though as a layer of pale human flesh, with the slightest tint of blue, began to cover the beast.  Ridley’s form, already shrunken to even be allowed to compete in Smash Brothers, had gotten even smaller, now only being about five and a half feet tall as he laid on the ground, screaming in terror as the skin quickly grafted itself in place.

He also realized in horror that as the skin fused with his body, other pieces of his body broke and evaporated off.  His once mighty wings withered into dust and blew away; the pointy lobes at the back of his head crunched down before totally fizzling out, like a balloon whose helium had been siphoned out; and most obviously his tail simply shot out and blasted off his body, the deadly appendage sticking into the wall before exploding into dust.  

Before the space pirate commander had time to mourn these lost appendages, he cried out once more now feeling the muscle and bones beneath his new layer of skin begin twisting and shifting.  He shrieked out in pain as the bones in his legs forced the limbs to face forward instead of to the side and the bones in his arms also twisted to now face in front.  His long powerful claws broke away, with much smaller, delicate fingers growing in their place.  The same happened with his toes, now with nails only extending a couple of centimeters out, with the slightest coloring of pink decorating them.  After crying out for a few more seconds, Ridley noticed the pain and the alterations to his body had seemingly stopped.  He got up, looking around horrified at what he saw.

“What… what have you DONE to me?” He asked in a howling fury, looking at himself.  “I’m… I’m...”

“Human,” Master Hand stated of the now humanoid space commander in front of him.  “Though that’s only part one of the change.  The next part will probably feel a bit more pleasant.”

“NOTHING WILL FEEL PLEASANT FOR YOU EVER AGAIN GLOVE!” Ridley roared.  “FOR THESE INDIGNITIES I SHALL…” Ridley yelled out one last time, before going through the next level of his change.

What had previously been the back piece of his head now sprouted a majestic layer of  brushed and scented blue hair that fell down his body, reaching halfway down his back before stopping.  The tint of pink on his toes and fingers now glistened with a much more noticeable fresh coat, showing a majestic swirling pattern on the ten fingers and toes.  Ridley’s usual somewhat slouched over position quickly straightened out, with the posture of his back now perfectly poised, forcing him to look directly forward.  

A tingling again coursed through his body causing more slight alterations to his arms and legs.  Losing a fair amount of muscle that was still on the new humanoid form and shifting the skeletal structure to accentuate a more feminine position.  For the first time Ridley realized the full extent of what this transformation detailed, noticing his chest erupting forward and causing his pose to adjust once more as massive, D-Cup size mammaries with pert nipples formed above his now near nonexistent abs.  Ridley noticed his jaw shrink down with a perfect set of lovely white teeth arranged his mouth, his ears now showing piercings with large glittering hoop rings through them, and a layer of heavy yet perfectly arranged mascara, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick swirling around before settling down on his face.  Though his vestige of manhood had been eradicated since becoming a human, a smooth “Ken Doll” covering showing that he had lacked any genitalia, his last bit of masculinity vanished when his legs opened up to show a uterus forming between them.  And soon the former space monster had a very pronounced shaved front showing the entrance of a vagina.

However that was still not the end of her change as light continued enveloping the formerly draconic commander.  A matching light blue bra and panty set covered her most sensitive regions as she began to moan out, arching her back and closing her eyes as she had now given into the transformation.  A bright white corset wrapped around her chest area, tightening to give her pronounced figure a true hourglass appearance.  A pair of blue stockings wrapped around her legs, connecting to the purple pantyhose that covered the appendages all the way down to the dainty covered toes.  Several layers of petticoats wrapped around the underwear, before they too were covered by a large and billowing purple dress that extended down.  They would have hit the floor if Ridley had not found herself now wearing a pair of 5 inch spiked blue high heels, shifting her position forward more.  

Dark blue gloves covered her hands up to the elbows as she then opened her eyes, fully taking in her appearance.  The glowing crown that had caused this transformation finally stopped pulsing, as its job was complete, and adjusted herself to truly fit on the now dainty looking young woman.

“Oh my,” said what used to be Ridley in a now very soft delicate and high pitched voice, looking around in wonder.  “Is this… truly me?”

“For a while at least,” Master Hand pointed out.  “Until I feel Ridley learned, uh, 'his' lesson, this is you now.”

“I see.” The now female beautiful, lovely dressed figure curtsied politely in front of Master Hand.  “I am dreadfully and truly sorry for any damage and assault that monster may have caused you, oh noble Master Hand.  Know that as long as I, Princess Riley am around, such uncouth and terrible actions shall no longer occur and I will make it my mission to personally apologize and make up for any of his misdeeds to any Smashers around or anyone else he has ever harmed.”

“Ah, good to hear,” Master Hand said giving a thumbs up.  “Well, go off and get to that.  I’ve got other stuff I need to take care of.” Master Hand looked at his notes. “Let’s see… oh, apparently someone’s leaking all the DLC fighters I wanted to slowly introduce throughout the year.  Hopefully this is just another idiotic untrue Grinch Leak or else someone else is getting a crown forced on them.  But not a super one, and not shoved on their head either.”  The hand snapped his fingers, teleporting away from the fighters in the hall.

Once he had left, Princess Riley lightly skipped over to Bowser, a pleasant smile on her face as she cupped her hands.  “I must thank you for coming up with such a lovely idea to get rid of that beast and allow me to exist,” Riley twirled around, giggling some before bowing to him.  “I am truly sorry for how that beast hurt you after you politely asked him not to attack in such a fashion and… if there is anything I can do to make up for it, please let me know.”

A throbbing heart could be seen in Bowser’s good eye (the heart in the other one now halfway healed) as he quickly shook his head.  “Uh…. You owe me one… no three- five, okay no seven kidnappings.  Yeah that’s right, seven kidnappings, heh heh heh.”

“If that is what you wish of me to clear my debt, I shall not complain,” Riley said smiling wide.  “Honestly I have not experienced a 'kidnapping' before so it could be a very enjoyable experience.”

“Oh it will be enjoyable alright,” Bowser said, chuckling to himself as he started heading off.  ‘Okay, this is either going to make Peach totally jealous or I’m finally going to get with a princess.’  He thought for a second.  ‘It totally still counts as one as long as she’s a she in the moment,’ he thought, trying to get other nagging thoughts out of his head.

Riley then skipped over to Samus, the armored bounty hunter folding her arms as the former space dragon approached her.  “And of course, anything I can do to make up for whatever actions Ridley did to you dear Samus, I shall try accomplishing to the best of my abilities.”

There was an awkward pause as Samus walked closer, pointing over at the new princess.  “The Space Pirates have exterminated billions of lives around the cosmos, with that monster personally accountable for millions.  Specifically the lives of everyone on board my colony, specifically my PARENTS!” The bounty hunter narrowed her eyes.  “Do you really think YOU can make up for that monster murdering mine and thousands of innocent families?”

Riley looked down saddened, for the first time the happy smile on her face disappearing as she shook her head.  “No,” she said softly, crying some.  “There’s no way I could ever make up for hurting you… taking so much away from so many people.  I wish there was something I could at least do to… lessen the pain, to… at least try making up for that horrendous beast’s actions.”

“Actually there is,” Samus said, surprising Riley some as she looked up at the hunter.  “As long as you’re here, Ridley isn’t.  And though I wanted to personally kill that monster with my own hands for good, he keeps finding ways to slip my grasp.  Sneaking into this tourney due to fan demand was just the latest of those”  The bounty hunter smiled, putting her hand on Riley’s shoulder.  “However, if there is just a way to lock him away so he can’t get back out…”

Riley thought for a second and nodded, rubbing away her tears.  “Then you will feel better, right?” Samus nodded as Riley smiled once more.  “Okay Samus, then I promise to stay as long as I am able.”  She thought for a moment and then sighed. “However I’m afraid that call is up to Master Hand and not me.”

“Eh don’t worry, I’ll talk to MH about keeping this a more permanent thing,” Samus said, putting her arm around Riley’s back.  “Not like he was a fan of Ridley either.”

“What about the… fans who wished him to be in the tournament?”

“Pfft, there are easy enough ways around that.”  The two then started walking forward.  “You should focus on the real challenge: making up that horrible monster’s other terrible deeds.”

“Of course” Riley said, looking over at Samus.  “Perhaps after that we can find a way to hang out some, as friends.”

“Hmmm maybe that could happen.”

“And when we’re hanging out perhaps we could go to the mall.”


“Oooh we could find a new adorable outfit for you to wear.  Something that would allow others to see your lovely face and a dress-“

“Yeah, DON’T push it.”

“Oh.  Sorry.”

“It’s fine.  Just save that attitude for the other princesses, because I’m not that kind of woman.”

“Very well, though to be fair I’ve only been this kind of woman for about five minutes.”

The two actually laughed at this and continued walking off, former deadly enemies becoming fast friends as the terrifying presence of Ridley was gone from the mansion, replaced by the love and warmth of Princess Riley forevermore.

Ridley To Riley
This is my entry for the 500 Doolar Fighting Game TF-TG Contest, information as well as other entries you can find here… as well as here. This was written by me, with some editing help from alexwarlorn,  Frozen-Doopliss and Docontra.  Now I've been a big fan of TG stories and of Smash Brothers for years and do appreciate the chance to finally bring them together.  Took me awhile to write this (mostly because I got stuck on the transformation for awhile) but I'm glad to finally have it up for you all to enjoy as I think it's pretty good.  To me TF/TG stories need to not only show a good transformation but show what the character is and what they've become which I think this does rather well.  Hope you all agree since again this is a competition and I want to win but even if I don't it was still fun to make all the same.

Name Of Game: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Character Transformed: Ridley (From The Metriod Series)
Word Count: 3,842


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Diana Son
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United States
Though I have other jobs am now trying to at least make a bit of a living at my writing and see where that could take me.
By pal Alex Warlorn has something to say about bullies he asked people to repost around so I shall.

"Repost if you have a heart.

Dear bullies,
The boy you punched in the hall today? Committed suicide a few minutes ago.
That girl you called a slut in class today? She's a virgin.
The boy you called lame? He has to work every night to support his family.
That girl you pushed down the other day? She is already being abused at home.
You think you know them. Guess what, you don't!
You think pushing them around will make you feel better. It won't.
You think you be strong. You can, but not like this.
Do the smart thing and turn your life around. It's not too late.

Re-post this if you are against bullying, but I bet 99% of you won't. Re-post this if you're that 1% with a heart"

You heard the man.  


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Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday on the 11th? 
DianaGohan Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I was busy with stuff and honestly felt it was wrong to get a happy birthday wish from you until I finished that story which still working on hopefully be done soon.  
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