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Diana Volturi
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Sooner or later you will figure that out. Let's say that I'll be patient with people most of the time to see how they are. Once I like you, we can become friends. Otherwise not. I love to draw, write, listen music and read. I do roleplay sometimes, but not always. For Commisions

Some information about my two favourite OC's. They are actually the same person. One is the mobian version, the other the vampire version. Both have the same personality, but their own clothes. Deal with it. Links to their clothes. (Might get updated every once in a while)

Roleplays are open but ONLY IN NOTE!! I won't answer others any longer. Sorry. If it's something short, fine

Diana the Fox Official clothes Sport clothes Sonic and the Black Knight Wedding dress

Diana Volturi Official clothes Favourite dress Asgardian clothes Wedding dress

(I have Inkbunny to. You can find me as DianaFoxyTheFox)

(Pagedolls are made by BlazinMyra )


Okay, ever tried to watch something for someone else because that person wanted you to try it so badly and that it turned out not as awful as you expected, but you still don't like it?

I mean, seriously. I tried pitch perfect because my sister could not stop about that movie. So, yeah, the music was the only reason for me to watch it. Maybe one character, but that is definitly it. Then she is like:'Why don't you like Fat Amy? Is it because that she is confidence that she is fat and you feel attacked or so because you are fat?' 
Newsflash. I AM NOT AS FAT AS THAT AWFUL WHORE! Second of all, no, it is not because she is fat. That she is confident that she is fat. Nice for her. Don't compare me with that stupid character. I simply don't like her personality because she believes that she can do a lot till almost everything. Furthermore, I don't like her humor. Is that so bad? Everyone has it's own sense of humor and I don't like the one of Fat Amy. I don't like the movie. The music was good, that is all what I have to say about it. Yet she is comparing me to that.... thing. Not caring about my feelings as usual because she never does while I were worried sick about her last week because she got bullied. My sister is just being a dump kid at the moment. She never cares about anyone, she believes she is better then everyone and she's always pretending that I am good for nothing. Yet, I am the one with a diploma, searching for a real job and not that weekend job. Getting sick and tired of being home all day long. Working on socializing and trying to do something about myself to be more balanced and she is just a heartless little bitch who's trying to play boss over me and she is using me as her private bank while she knows she has to pay it back all the time. Even when she has NO JOB. It's getting way too much and I actually want to throw her out of a window right now... I am so done with her.
Team Fusion
Well, another quartet of my OC's. Here are all the ones that are a fusion with some of my (and others) characters. Lancelot Mukami, Twilight the Foxcat, Danique Ikisatashi and Aro Overlord. I believe this is a cute team somewhere, even known Lancelot can have his murderes moments (but he's whistling innocently now XD) Just enjoy this okay ;) 
Team Unpredictable
Yeah, I think I'll make a few teams with my OC's for fun. Just sorting them in on specie and stuff. Since those are the four who are no bird, fox or fusion, they ended up together and I did not know a better name for the team XD, but they can be a little unpredictable, so that's why. Anyhow, let's have some fun with Fauna the Dragon, Yuki the Tigress, Raphael the Vampire Raccoon and Andos the Stag ;p 
Emerald the Macaw
Hey everyone, I just wanted to show this new cutie which I adopted from :iconbeckychelsea: 
Okay, I have changed the colours slightly, but I fell in love with her design and wanted to adopt her so badly. Please meet Emerald the Macaw :3 

Name: Emerald the Macaw
Nickname: Emmy
Age: 25
Born: 23th of June 1993
Specie: Macaw
Gendre: Female
Sexual orientation: Hetero, but only looking for Falcon/Hawk/Peacock/Phoenix
Crush: None
Ability: Telekinesis (Make things float)
Perso: Calm, observing, stand-off, friendly, loyal, sarcastic, easily stressed, ambitious
Likes: Grand prix riding, reading, nature photography, walk through the forest, freestyle races with her board, travelling
Dislikes: Being hugged, being among others for too long, being alone for too long, not being appreciated, getting disturbed when she is reading or taking photo's, time limits with a job 

Bio: Emerald was fascinated by grand prix racing since she was just a little kid. She'd look up at a lot of famous riders. One day, she wanted to become a rider to, but she figured out that she had a passion for travelling and photograpics to. It's hard for her to choose between her biggest passions, being a rider, travelling and taking photo's. 
Besides that, she is really looking up to some currently populair riders, like Jet the Hawk, Wave the Swallow, Ruby the Macaw, Strike the Parrot and many more. She would be honored to race against one of them once, but she is far beneath their level. She only won a grand prix once in her life when she was 21. Furthermore she mostly end up somewhere in the top 10, but she's doing her best to end up at least in the top 5 all the time. That is her biggest goal for now. Increase her skills until she will end up in the top 5 all the time. 
Emerald is a distant person and does not really like attention. She does not want to be touched or hugged unless she really trust someone, but she has trust issues. So, don't hug her unless she would allow you to do so. She is not an easy one in befriending people nor with trusting others.
She enjoys the nature, specially during the spring season. She loves it to carry a camera with her and take photo's whenever she can. Even on her board during a ride. It's calming to her mind. Just like a walk through the forest. 
Emerald is not that much of a city girl, but she is able to adapt herself to the places and situations. But she'll be looking for a place on her own when she feels like it. She has a limit on social company each day and silently will pull herself back when she reached her limit. 
If she's meeting new people, she will try to approach them as friendly as possible. Even known that she is shy, she will try to make friends.
The reason of her trust issues by the way is because she had been bullied by a small group who lived in her street. The crazy thing is, it were all dogs who bullied her. Thanks to that, she became afraid of dogs. They used to wait for her, steal her money and ditch her into the bushes or a river when she was a kid until she and her parents moved when she was 6 years old. Then she started a new life and did not get bullied any longer, but it had a huge impact on her trust in others. 

Well, say hello to Emerald ;) 

  COM.Loki by Sanddy273 COM.Diana by Sanddy273

name: Diana van der Velden  Loki PageDoll by animegirl77  Untitled By Ellipsisia-dced45a by DianaFoxyVolturi   Loki X Diana Ship |Animation by Feline-girl-2000

born: 8 of Februari 1998  Loki Hiddleston by Zakuuya  Loki free icon by redoluna

I am Bisexual Aromantic  Tiny Aromantic Heart by aceAlari for the ones who like to know it. If you are not able to life with that, please leave this page. For the ones who are able to life with it, please be welcome.What does it mean? I am attracted to men and women, but not into a relationship. Only with people I consider as close friends, but I see it as a strong friendship. So cuddles and holding hands can be allowed. More than that will be a harder story. Emotional I am easier attracted to people in a friendship way. (Unless fictional characters)

Family on DA: :iconmoonwolfmockingjay:
Reallife friends: :iconsamantharojall: :iconkaleidooscope: :iconpavalo: :iconbonsleger: :iconjetfire2:  [Gift] For DianaFoxyVolturi by BlazinMyra [Comm] for DianaFoxyVolturi by BlazinMyra

DA besties: :icondemonicfoxyxx: (<-And DA sis) :iconxxtomboyhedgie189xx: :iconladyselenesilva: (<- And DA sis) :iconctc-tomboy:  :iconaarushii: (<- And DA Lemurmom) :iconsunshinecat2: (<- And DA sis) :icongamebunny: :iconxxut-drawerxx: :icontheadamay: :iconblazinmyra: :iconichtacaquetzalcoatl: :iconchipthehedgehog: 

Biggest inspirations: :iconcnwgraphis:  :iconkjdragon70: :iconlordmroku: :iconkarneolienne: :iconeinnharder: :icontoystars: :iconyumiichu: :iconedyhrm: (<- And DA crazy uncle ;P ) :icontheadamay: :iconellipsisia: :iconsirsmexehkitty::iconsirfloofyfox: :iconfantasticwhisperscat: :iconaurorathehedgehog132: :iconblazinmyra: :iconbeckychelsea: :iconhumbletrickster: :icondari-draws: :iconfantasiasaver: :iconladyselenesilva: :iconchipthehedgehog:
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