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May 12, 2010
Tempestarii by `Dianae is a melody of strong and emotional colours dancing in the scene. The motion is so real that you can perfectly feel it and its consequences. The beauty of the composition, and this, combined with the amazing colour scheme, gives a charming result. A pleasure to the eyes.
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Sorry for the lack of updates people, I've been dealing with many things lately (two bands, two jobs and all my ratties are dying from old age so I've not been painting very much...)
I've been way more active on my photo account :icondianephotos: as photos didn't require as much time as painting (and to be honest, I didn't feel like painting as I had many illustration jobs to do and didn't feel like painting personal things once I stopped working on these illustrations...)

:star:Associated Wallpaper here : :star:

Tempestarii are mythological beings which modify weather, weather-makers to sum it up.

I had this image in mind the day before yesterday and absolutely had to paint it, I don't know why ^^;

The winged fish are meant to symbolize both air (wind) and water (rain) while the blue God with red hair also symbolizes water and fire (lightning). I added him horns as these are quite common on pagan deities (and I must admit I love to paint ram horns, these are quite fun to do).

I wanted to paint something a bit similar to my "Nimue" painting, both abstract and realistic in some parts. This has been one of the paintings I had the most fun to create :)

I hope you will like it aswell :)

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos 4A4
6 or 7 hours
no reference used for the Tempestari (except for my hand with a very crappy Photobooth shot)
I also googled some images of Betta Splendens fish but didn't really look at them and the winged fish ended looking quite different.

Comments and critiques are very welcome, thanks a lot for viewing ! :hug:

Here is an animated WIP for the ones who are interested on how it looks : [link]
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The chromatic of this piece is truly impresive. You used colors which are opposed and create a strong contrast when are brought together . It's not really easy to use contrasting colors and make them look good together. You managed to create a beautiful contrast and this is observable especially on the shading of the skin and on winged fish's feathers.

All the hard work and attention you paid for this piece of art is visible. There are hundreds and hundreds of details, from the winged fish's scales to the tempestar's horns and hair.

Although you were inspired by mythological creatures the drawing is mostly original as you made it in your own style and you used your imagination and I didn't see it anywhere.

You succeded to create a magical athmosphere with all the effects from the background. Overall this is a beautiful and enchanting illustration which deserves all the attention.