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June 27, 2008
From her hair splayed out as if she herself were floating in water to the delicately crossed legs and gently veined feet, Syllia... by *Dianae is phenomenal. Note the ruffling of the dress and the water drops comprising the swing ropes, along with the fixed expression of the subject herself reflected back in the larger water droplets. Instead of a perfect mirror image, they are distorted somehow with eerie yellow eyes.
Featured by JunkbyJen
Suggested by GermanCityGirl
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:star:FULL VIEW:star:


:star:Details and WIP HERE : [link] :star: You can also find a very detailed description of this character there ;)

:star:Little tutorial on how to paint water here : [link]:star:

A veeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy long time overdue artwork for my band. Will be used as posters / ads


Photoshop CS3,
Wacom intuos 3A4
No ref (I used a mirror for the lower part of the body and hands)


Looks MUCH BETTER in real life… details have disappeared due to jpg compression, as usual -_-

Edit : She's meant to have huge eyes, proportions of both a child and a grown up person, and a very weird expression…
Actually, she's not a young girl, she's ageless, and she's pretty mad… Not an innocent girl ^^'

EDIT : OMG!!!!! :faint: A DD oO THANK YOU VERY MUCH :icongermancitygirl: and :iconjunkbyjen: :faint: Thank you !!!
Wow… don't know what to say now :jawdrop: :faint:
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Excellent work. First class render.
Neitin's avatar
wow.. fantastic artwork
cheesecakeOO's avatar
Hey, i wanted to ask about your music: my favourite song was a quiet one with a lot of steric noise in the beginning, and i am pretty sure it was from you. i discovered your works years ago and then got into your music, but now i just can't find it anymore... can you help me? loved your work and still am in awe :) keep up the great work!
MischiefIdea's avatar
Just a little tribute of your Art...
Thank you for inspiring me. :meow:
Briesje's avatar
Wow! Really like the detail you put in the water drops on the right! XD
Making her look mad as you said in your description. Really awesome!
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LitlMomma's avatar
This is quite amazing! Would love to share with friend's on facebook etc. but I'm not sure if that's allowed... so I won't lol. Anyway... just want to tell ya that I love it!
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DelfinaPinewood's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!!
ShanaFlame's avatar
The artwork is amazing, really have great texture :D
Hex-Moss's avatar
This is just beautiful! I love your water effect especially. o3o
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love the picture
shinabui's avatar
I love how even thought the chains are water the women and the swing still have weight.
Annanonyma's avatar
That is an amazing concept. I love the way you used the water as a part of the swing... Plus your drawing skills are great. :D
PoeticVine's avatar
I love the droplets especially.... Amazing work!
nuclearpomegranate's avatar
I featured your piece in [link]
mermaidp-uke's avatar
LOVE THIS!! I love how her eyes are reflected yellow in the droplets :love:
BlaezinCherry's avatar
The water is AMAZING. And her expression is just breathtaking ;D
Giselle-M's avatar
I have featured your work here:[link] :iconheartpinkplz:
TechnoColorGraphic's avatar
fan tastic. your very talented.
I think its awesome how u can feel the weather & the movement. To me its a happy picture. U could be making millions in magazines, posters, teeshirts, pajamas, bedding,quilts,calenders, addressbooks.jewelryboxes, wallpaper for ikea, not to mention a barbie doll cast set in the fantasy realm. . Lets colaborate, i wilL point and u draw and create. Nah. Any who, take care and keep up the fantastikal magikal beauty that you actually create with ur mind and hand. Its awe inspiring. ciao. leex
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