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Morgan le Fay

By Dianae
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Hi artists :) Happy New Year!

This is my new painting, "Morgan le Fay", based on the Arthurian Legend.
Morgan le Fay was an enchantress who practised lots of sciences and knew how to make poison (the little bottle she's holding contains poison. The moths are meant to represent the souls of her victims, attracted by poison - you can see some sparkling dust around them, coming from the bottle)

It was meant to be just a lighting exercise at first (I was playing with my wacom and a mirror) but I liked the colours so I've decided to turn it into a painting.

Photoshop CS and my wacom

35 hours approx

no real refs used (I've just taken a look at some nightshots of streets, you can see them in the WIP thread located here : [link] ). I've used a mirror as mentionned above. The hand was the hardest part to make, it's still not perfect (there are some flaws in the painting but I was tired to work on it so I've called it done) but I've really tried.

The tones are brown and green on purpose, the lightsources are candles (and a little bit of magical light, she's a sorceress :p ) so there's no real diversity in the colours and the contrast is not very high.

Btw, the internet optimised jpg compression is very very crappy, I've lost all the details in this version :( the contrast of the lights was better, the hair was more detailed, the skin had some texture but I can see nothing of that in this version....

Crits are very welcome.

I have to apologise in advance because I think that I won't be able to reply to your comments... I've been very very busy lately and I'm still very busy. I cannot be very active in all the artistic communities where I'm subscribed and since I was first subscribed to GFXartist I keep being active there but I don't have time to come here as I would love to :(

Thank you very very very much for all the kind comments/messages you've sent me :) You can contact me by e-mail if you need a quick reply (I'll try to reply as quick as possible)

Lighter version for dark monitors : [link]

Details : [link]

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Really beautiful work!
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I love green. <3
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I've sen this image since I was about 13 or so. I've always wondered who made it, because I've always absolutely adored it. I'm glad I finally found the artist, it's stunning. Good work!
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I know you don't get on much anymore, but someone stole this back in December and another artist commented on your wall with the stolen link. Here it is again, because the troll hasn't taken it down yet. cath1234.deviantart.com/art/Wi…
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very hyper on the realism, noticed.
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Mysterious and moving! Very nice!
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I love it. I have always loved her.
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Absolutely gorgeous. :)
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Very beautiful looking pic, nicely created!!
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Mysterious and powerful sorceress, a dream within a dream !
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O.o beautifuuul!!!
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The tones are unusual, but a risk well worth it. I wonder why she's crying. Splendid work!
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It's hard to put words to this... it has so much emotion, it's hard [ for me, that is :)] to write a comment.
...but I have to, in order to favor[?] it ^^

you have amazing art skills :)
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Beautiful! It looks incredibly real. I can't stop staring.
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This is beautiful! :)
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This is so amazing! so many details and those colors - Wow!
Art-Ate-My-Heart's avatar
What a lovely green!
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I just wanted to ask: Did you do this draw too? [link]
I've found it in the internet and if someone has steal this from you I only wanted you to ask. If not... Well, I use references too. :)
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Ethereal... Love it!
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I thought you might like to know that someone is stealing this from you here on deviantart : [link]

By the way, nice work :D
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