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:star: ASSOCIATED TUTORIAL HERE !!!!!! :star:

It's going to be included in Exposé6 !!!!!! :dance: :faint: :jawdrop:

Hi people, first of all, I am not dead.... but I am very very busy with school and commissions (and works that are 95% finished but that don't please me so I'm reworking them again and again...)

About this painting :

I had promised lots of people I would write a tutorial a loooong time ago. I have finally nearly done it (I'm still writing it, but here's the base image, I have recorded all the painting process using SnapzProX, I may post it this weekend)

It has been challenging because I wanted to make her look half Asian and half european, which is not as easy as I thought (I don't know if I have succeded in it, but I like her eyes and expression) and also because it is a very unusual color scheme for me. Her face is painted (she is meant to look a bit like a young Geisha, although it is my own adaptation) so her skin may look unusual.
I will make the videos available on youtube as soon as my computer has finished encoding them.

Oh, and Hanagumori means "late spring with blossom haze" (thank you very much to *gohodoshi for the translation!!! :))

For people who had sent me notes ages ago and I have still not replied (I'm so sorry guys, I really swear I'll read my mails and notes more often in the future :( ), could you please send them to me again? I have received LOT of spam so I have given up reading them all :blushes:

Mhhh.... I think that I've said enough, now I'm off to work (again).

btw, please accept my apologies, I won't be able to reply to your comments for now :( I am really way too busy at the moment. So : THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!! to everybody who has taken the time to view (please full-view ;) ) it :)

Thanks for viewing, crits and comments are most welcome

Much love to everybody :hugs:

Photoshop CS3
Wacom intuos 3A4
12 hours approximately
No reference used

Closeups (100% size) [link]

Quick WIP animation : [link]

and YES she has a blue eye and a green eye. It is fully intentional, I just felt like painting an odd-eyed person, without making it too obvious.

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very beautiful, wonderful illumination and colors
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OMFGss      .   End
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Wow! just wow! it looks so good!the look on her face and her eyes ...! Even though she looks serious she has a very intense glare! Amazing job!
kikobriega96's avatar
Thats an incredible design! good work with the facial feature
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This art is absolutely astounding and jaw dropping. I'm in awe every time I see it.
This is gorgeous. I run a Spanish Language Art website and have written a post linking to your tutorial for this. I'd like to use this image as the header image of the post. You are fully credited in the post and will be fully credited for the image.
I'd like to ask your permission to use it.

the website is

Please let me know. Many thanks.
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Thanks for the tutorial.
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Your artwork is wonderful and I like very much your tutorial is clear and well done! ^ _ ^
Really really awesome, also the tutorial!
Unfortunatly the closeup is down x:
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very realistic picture of the Japanese woman!
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Waooooow...I love the eyes!
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This is officially amazing. I loved the tutorial as well! The texture and colour is perfect :)
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Just watched the videos on YouTube - my mind is blown! You are seriously talented!!
EbonyDreamIvory's avatar
I've read the tutorial for this, and it's AMAZING how you did it! I mean, you can SEE HER PORES. It's a painting, and she's got PORES. Wow! A lot of cameras don't catch that! lol
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This is not the work of a human. This was made by a god of art.:faint:
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this is peace of beauty vraiment je te tire le chapeau :)
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I saw your tutorial on YouTube and I just had see your gallery. You are so incredible!
Thank you so much for the detailed tutorials. If I knew how to draw I would experiment right away! :XD:
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algun dia quiero dibujar como tu o_o
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Absolutely stunning.
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