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:star: ASSOCIATED TUTORIAL HERE !!!!!! :star:

It's going to be included in Exposé6 !!!!!! :dance: :faint: :jawdrop:

Hi people, first of all, I am not dead.... but I am very very busy with school and commissions (and works that are 95% finished but that don't please me so I'm reworking them again and again...)

About this painting :

I had promised lots of people I would write a tutorial a loooong time ago. I have finally nearly done it (I'm still writing it, but here's the base image, I have recorded all the painting process using SnapzProX, I may post it this weekend)

It has been challenging because I wanted to make her look half Asian and half european, which is not as easy as I thought (I don't know if I have succeded in it, but I like her eyes and expression) and also because it is a very unusual color scheme for me. Her face is painted (she is meant to look a bit like a young Geisha, although it is my own adaptation) so her skin may look unusual.
I will make the videos available on youtube as soon as my computer has finished encoding them.

Oh, and Hanagumori means "late spring with blossom haze" (thank you very much to *gohodoshi for the translation!!! :))

For people who had sent me notes ages ago and I have still not replied (I'm so sorry guys, I really swear I'll read my mails and notes more often in the future :( ), could you please send them to me again? I have received LOT of spam so I have given up reading them all :blushes:

Mhhh.... I think that I've said enough, now I'm off to work (again).

btw, please accept my apologies, I won't be able to reply to your comments for now :( I am really way too busy at the moment. So : THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!! to everybody who has taken the time to view (please full-view ;) ) it :)

Thanks for viewing, crits and comments are most welcome

Much love to everybody :hugs:

Photoshop CS3
Wacom intuos 3A4
12 hours approximately
No reference used

Closeups (100% size) [link]

Quick WIP animation : [link]

and YES she has a blue eye and a green eye. It is fully intentional, I just felt like painting an odd-eyed person, without making it too obvious.

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Seeing this deviation makes me think of the time I discovered the Deviantart. I remember how you blew me away with this concept. Beautiful.