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Hair painting tutorial

:star: See the final result of this work HERE!!! It's very different, 9 more hours have been involved on it to finish it : [link] :star:

I've been asked lots of times to do some tuts.... here's one of them, I'll do more when I have time ;)

It's not very realistic since the image has been painted very quickly (about 45 minutes) but it explains how to paint realistic hair if you take the time to add details as explained on the tut ;)

I hope that it can help :)

Have fun! :glomp:

------------------- PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------

I've written "burn tool" instead of "dodge tool". The dodge tool is not necessary (I barely use it, I prefer avoiding to use it and paint the lighting manually usually) but it's a good way to obtain nice results very quickly and easily.
If you don't have the brushes already installed, you can add them by choosing them in photoshop library ;)
If you want to obtain realistic hair, 2 or 3 hours of work are necessary (I usually spend 3 hours on the hair, I've only spent 25mn for the tut and 20mn on the face so it doesn't show how far you can go using this method) ;)
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This is a life saver! Thx so much!
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Thank you so much - really useful - lovely work
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hello! i am new here! ok so i tried this! do u guys think is it good? please tell me what should i add on this
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Hello! Thanks for creating such a good tutorial! I am an aspiring artist and YouTuber and your tutorial was featured in one of my videos:

If you like it and are a pay-it-forward type of person, I would appreciate a little help getting the word about my channel out. Anyway, keep up the great work! I love deviantART!
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What version/type of photoshop is this? I can't find most of these tools
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look like a real photo, fantastic
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Can you please tell me how to use the Dodge tool? I have no idea of how to use it
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Used here
My version looks a little different though... But this really helped!
thanks for sharing! i hope u will upload some more:D
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Wow! Fantastic! La la la la 
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YAY! I am so happy I found this tutorial ~ ^^ Also... 45 minute ... I couldn't do that if I had a lifetime :iconromanosulkplz:
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I like the fact that this actually looks like hair instead of scribbly hair strands everywhere. Some "how-to-hair" tutorials that I've found will just show you to do strand by strand but I find that method to be tedious and no offense to people who use it but if poorly done, fake.
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sorry if i didnt mentioned . I´ve done a picture from this tutorial and is published her. thank you for your comment and my apologize.
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Nice job there !
Diana makes a detailed video tutorial or basic same, please
I'm asking this because now I'm starting with digital art and know very little about it, you know?
I'm a big fan of your work.

So sorry my bad english :/
Brush for downloand?
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I was wondering if you could write up a tutorial for painting white hair. It seems to be a different beast than painting hair with shades of color as I can't find any good tutorials for it, and using the hair painting tutorials I've found don't turn out well with white hair. :(
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Than you!!
Your work is amazing!!
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