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Deep Sea Creature

By Dianae
:star: Edited : sharper and larger image + watermark added and print updated :star:

First of all, I'm really sorry for being so inactive for so long, I still won't be able to reply to all the comments and to comment on your work since I'm actually very very busy (working for comics and other professional works) so please send me a note if you want me to comment on your work, crit or if you have an important question :hug:

Mermaids have been lots of times described as beautiful and kind creatures. But that's not the way they are described in mythology. They are said to be crual winged creatures that turned into a crual mix between human beings and fish. They were singing to attract sailors then they eat them.
This is my own version of a mermaid/siren, a deep sea creature using photophore to attract preys.
Photoshop CS and a wacom intuos 3A4
No reference used (only doing some google search to see how the photophore of the anglerfish looks like) so there must be lots of issues but I like it as it is now Crits are very welcome though
30 hours approx.

Process can be viewed here : [link]

Details : [link]

Thanks for your help on the WIP I had posted. I've read all your comments and tried the suggestions (the scales didn't work at all though) but I've not had time to reply to your comments. I'll try to do it as soon as possible :) Thank you very much once again, I really appreciate your help!

Please FULL-VIEW for all details! Everything is lost in the preview :(

Edit : PLEASE guys, DON'T use this everywhere, this character is now meant to be part of a videogame (not released yet!) and I'd REALLY APPRECIATE you to respect my work, all the images you can see in my gallery ARE NOT FREE for use!!!! ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST!!!

Same serie as "Atlas and Dione", more to come

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This is absolutely STUNNING. 
mhoonruk's avatar
Creepy and strangely beautiful :)
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One of those works that informed and inspired my late childhood. I'm delighted to find it again. Beautiful. 
biodemo's avatar
This is probably my favourite work on DA, I dunno why but something about it just pulls me in. I love it. I always go back to look at it. I got a new profile now so finally I found it, it's amazing!! 
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themadhattress11's avatar
Love it, it made me jump from my chair
vampiressae's avatar
Haunting appearance. Lovely.
Hindorf's avatar
I can remove it if you want me too but it's featured in my journal :) 
ledaleda34's avatar
I love this so much it inspires me! I love this the best from all your works and just OMG its soo good I could go on forever about it. One day I want to be able to draw stuff like this . Keep Up The Good Work!!!!
mysticpariah's avatar
Very, very, very, very creepy *shudders*.
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OMG! I don't think anyone understands how much I LOVE this picture! :D Do you think I could borrow your talent for like...a day?!
Thorrna's avatar
Your skills are unparalleled. I love your stuff so very much.
Elemental-Bliss's avatar
I have a friend who I think you should collaborate with! Your styles and creatures would totally compliment each other! You have and entire universe you could meld together! I have to look him up, but I promise you two should DA "meet"
firethroughpain's avatar
i don't know whether to be scared or compliment you
I-AmAnonymous's avatar
ObscureSanctuary's avatar
Finally, a real mermaid! I love this
LilimLoli's avatar
Beautiful use of color. I could look at it all day.
Blublabliblu's avatar
This is impressively beautiful and scary at the same time. It's amazing work !
Agacora's avatar
I'm impressed with this. The lighting, the texture, and the overall concept form a beautiful yet deadly creature of the deep. Great job.
Mkartisan's avatar
I don't know whether to be afraid of her or drawn in by the alluring light :)
Jin2203's avatar
cool and amazing artwork. great job!
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