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By Dianae
:star: DESCRIPTION EDITED !!! :star:


I dedicate it to my father for his birthday :) JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE PAPA ! :hug:


Cinabre is the central piece of this tryptich far from being finished…

Its name comes from the french name of the cinnabar stone, which is considered both as a poison and a symbol of eternal life (it has been used as a drug of longevity and resurrection).

Cinnabar is also used as a pigment.

All these images are meant to look very stiff, icon-like and full of symbols (bugs, colors, stones… ) and will be printed full size (200cm x 60cm) as door ornaments.

:star: EDIT : Since many people asked me what are the symbols, here's a very quick explanation :star:

She's red, color of fire, life, passion and blood. Yet, she's very pale and has "dead" skin. White has different meanings in different cultures yet it's almost often associated with calm/peace. I added green too, to enhance this opposition. The colors symbolize life duality.

The pomegranate is based on the myth of Persephone : it's a symbol of death and life too. Persephone ate 6 pomegranate seeds which caused the world to suffer winter.

The dice are meant to represent chance/fortune which are to me very important in life (I mean life in general, with its beginning and ending). I added the cards symbols (spade and heart) to enhance this aspect (heart = love. Quite easy ^^ spade = life, both soft and spiky, skull = death. Easy too :) )

She's wearing a very bright red dress full of feathers and some "light bulbs thingies" (some kind of metaphorical fire) which symbolize the phœnix : also associated with life and rebirth.

The cinnabar stone, as mentionned previously is associated with eternal life and death too.

The horns/antennaes are associated to Nature and insects (these are very organic). Insects have been associated with eternal life and death in many many cultures (Egyptian one for instance). Mosquitos "steal" life, beetles/scarabs carry eternal life, worms/flies are symbols of death…

Mantises are well-known for eating their mate.
I painted this mantis to enhance the "devouring passion" aspect of this painting and also to enhance the likeness of Cinabre to a "Red Lady" (I don't know the english name for these creatures, I'm sorry).
Red ladies are some kind of "vampires" that seduce men to steal their life in order to become immortal.
They are seducing them by showing them their perfect pale body (they are described as "so pale that their skin looks almost blue or green in comparison to their vivid red clothes they open to seduce men"). Cinabre's dress is untied as if she were about to steal someone's life (her stare is also very intense and her open lips show some sharp teeth).

This painting is full of dual symbols and tries to depict Life in general in a very iconic way, such as the two other pictures of the series. :)
I could spend the whole day wrinting the symbolism about this series so I think I'll stop here for now ^^


:star: Original size : 7087px x 23622px , 300dpi
Photoshop CS3
Wacom Intuos 3A4
No direct reference used (ie : I didn't copy a photo) though I used many references for the peacock mantis, a real pomegranate on my desk and a mirror for the hands.
40 hours approximately, I don't really know.

:star: You can see the WIP here : [link]

:star: Quick animated WIP : [link] :star:

:star: Closeups (40% size) [link]

:star: Wallpaper here : [link] :star:


Thanks for looking ! :)


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© 2008 - 2021 Dianae
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Technique
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Many of us believe that half of everything is luck, while the other half of everything is fate. That is to say, that not everything in life is as uniformed and cut and dry as we would hope it to be. In a sense we all have to roll the dice of fate each and every single time we wake up as the world is a constantly changing entity. Each and every single thing we leave up to chance may not come out the way we plan. Instead of trying to guess the very epitome and embodiment of chaos itself, we should simply realize that the best course of action for things such as this is to adjust to each and every roll of the dice and brace for whatever changes, challenges and rewards the result will bring to us. Cinabre, created by `Dianae, provides us with her possible view of Fate as she rolls her wicked dice to decide how exactly your predicament's outcome will end. Will it be a prosperous ending or will it be seen as yet another disastrous ending, thereby dashing all your hopes at happiness? Only fate and luck know of your outcome, and they're not in a very talkative mood.

Simply put, there is no way that I can stress enough the outstanding levels of detail placed into this piece. From each and every single crease in the woman's feathered dress to her flawless skin complexion, the composition just jumps forth from the screen. Her eyes glowing radiantly from the light emanating about her as her lips capture and reflect the glow to further exemplify her gorgeous appearance. The laces upon her dress almost seem to flow and move about with a mind of their own as wild as the dice being cast from her open hand. The pomegranate held in her hand as a symbol of life and death could not be more of a representation of the wild chances that life and death may send to one's path.

Truly a gifted artist `Dianae must be to present us such an outstanding depiction of an almost ethereal being as this. Her hair flowing about her body, as if she were submerged in water as they form the horn-like crest above her head. Her expression burns into your mind with a knowing look that just peers deeply into your subconscious, as if she is aware of each and every single move you make at least 1000 steps ahead of you. The solitary cinnabar stone sitting just above her breasts almost appears as if it is the very balance of her existence and the primary source of her powers and foresight. Her exuberantly sculpted body, hugged perfectly by the crimson dress that she gains her name from, glow almost eerily under the glowing light of the quills decorating it as if her very garb was touched by the energy of a phoenix. Her pale white "dead" skin greatly stands out in contrast to the bold red color of her clothing and the environment about her to better represent her life or death motif.

One very slight thing that I could suggest on this piece is perhaps a better use of dynamic lighting on the female subject. I almost expect most of the image to be much darker and for other parts to glow like the fringes on her dress and the crest above her head.

Cinabre presents us with the questions of life and death, yet answering none of them; perhaps to leave our minds up to wonder what it could mean. With an exquisite use of detailing and overall beautiful persentation, this is one piece that I hope will be on everyone's favorite lists. Great work `Dianae. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap"/>
Вижу Леди Гагу :) 
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I love how you integrated the symbols into your picture, or actually... the whole picture is symbol. Beautiful, I am in awe!
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I have not words :)
Perfect details!
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I really really LOVE your work. It provokes emotion in me
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Pleas make more paintings <3
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totally beautifull and unique
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Absolutly Astounding...
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Juste magnifique.... quel talent !!!!!
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Awesome work here
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Soooo cooool it's really awesome work .. :O keep up I really feel jealousy of all of u >_<
there is allot of pro pro super professional artist , I'll B Like u """"" >_< ^_^
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oh maaan :O that's so... wonderful
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great details just wow!
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holy frick the dress must have taken you SO LONG T_T
I would have given up, 10 / 10 for will power <3
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where do you get all the brushes??? >_< !!
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I'm totally speechless :heart:_:heart:
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Wow. And I mean, wow. This looks absolutely brilliant!
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