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W40K - Deathwatch

         :meow: It's an illustration that i made for Fantasy Flight Games of  Warhammer40k Deathwatch  by request of my boyfriend :iconfaroldjo: 


                   Una ilustración que hice para Fantasy Flight Games para Warhammer40k de los Deathwatch, por solicitud de :iconfaroldjo: en un intento de ayudarle con la carga de trabajo,     
                   pero con los tiempos recortados y trabajando con un mouse solo pude ayudar con una ilustración jaja :hmm:
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Wow! A true artist couple, and an excellent artwork. Living the dream? :)

Besides, have you ever heard of Warhammer Fantasy's spiritual successor?
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Everything have their time :)

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Singing Marines chapter :P
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OMG this looks soo cool! Well done!
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So what? Are these guys the black ops of the space marines? (I've been getting into warhammer.)
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The Deathwatch is a unique organisation that is directly linked to the Inquisition.  It is made of Marines from multiple Chapters who are brought together to combat the alien menace under the command of Ordo Xenos.  The duration of a Marines assignment can vary from one or two missions, to a couple of years, and there are Deathwatch Commanders who have stayed for centuries.  These Commanders are in charge of the Deathwatch bases throughout the gakaxy.  When a Marine eventually returns to their Chapter they take with them new and vital experience of fighting various alien races.

A squad isn't made up of Marines from one single Chapter, but warriors from multiple Chapters fighting side by side, usually under the command of an Inquisitor who gives them their assignments.  These missions can range from simple seek and destroy assaults, to capturing prisoners or alien weaponry and tech.  The tech is passed on to the Mechanicus for study, and the prisoners become 'guests' of the Inquisition.

Alongside the usual Adeptus Astartes arsenal, the squad members can also utilise weapons enhanced with Xenos tech.  How better to combat the alien then by using their own weaponry against them.  These weapons are specially created by the Mechanicus, and only used by members of the Deathwatch, and by certain Inquisitors.

Being called to the Deathwatch is seen as an honour, and only a small handful of Chapters don't send warriors, or are exempt for various reasons.  When a Marine enters the Deathwatch they repaint their armour black, save for the right pauldron which keeps the Chapters colours and heraldry.  The left pauldron displays the stylised silver 'I' of the Inquisition.  Usually a warrior is called upon only once, but sometimes their expertise is needed again, and they can be recalled if and when they are needed.

To discover the origins of the Deathwatch, read The Beast Arises:  The Watchers In Death (I recommend reading each book though, to get the full picture).
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You know your stuff huh?
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What can I say, I like Space Marines, and in the Deathwatch you get Marines from different Chapters fighting side by side (apart from the Grey Knights)!
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cain i use the image in a vid a making?
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Sorry for the late reply... yes you can use it , no problem ^_^;
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did you like it?
i don't mind negative answers.
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it looks very cool  ^_^
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thanks,for a first type of this vid i am satisfied by the fact that is not that bad.
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The mood is awesome. The proportions are perfect.

This is so COOL!
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This is looking very good illustration!
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Yah Deathwatch! Amazing job!
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