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Riding Along

By Diana-Huang
I've been neglecting my centaurs for too long. I have been aching to draw them again. Seeing the Endeavour gave me the inspirational boost. Getting it out of the way so I can focus on finishing that book!
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Oct 15, 2012, 9:57:56 PM
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I like the concept of his drawing, I never would of thought of it...
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thanks! My goal artistically is to find new combinations of things that I would like to see. It is a lot of looking around, seeing what has not been done yet and experimentation. 
ZebuRider's avatar
I love the "outside the box" thinking of all your work but especially this one.
Diana-Huang's avatar
Cool! Glad you do! Thanks! :D
Agent505's avatar
Ladies and gentlemen - 'something different' :)
ephebox's avatar
Fantastic job and a really good concept! :squee: keep going! :bye:
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thank you thank you! :D
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Yeah: they did experiment with a back-mounted tandem engine; but after several test pilots got their manes clipped by the forward prop, they went to the wing-mounted twin design.... 7@=e
Diana-Huang's avatar
Those were dark times... we try not to speak of it put it is the risk all test pilots take when slipping into newly designed wings! :bows head in silence: ;p
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
This is such a clever concept! But I hope they have flaps for a very, very slow landing speed... Maybe even drag chutes. I don't think the legs could survive all that much strain.
Diana-Huang's avatar
They definitely need to carry a parachute and be able to eject the wings and engines in an emergency. Other than that they can cut power and glide or reverse engine to slow themselves down. Still thinking about and working on engine and fuselage design!
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