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Re-design Our World

By Diana-Huang
I have a very special relationship with my students... they see me as an older version of them. The one who's got it figured out, the one who has the ability to get things done. They listen to me because I listen to them.

Its pretty heartbreaking when I see the frustration, fear and sadness in their eyes. They are so smart, so brave, so aware of the world around them. They are scared of the world that they will inherit. "What do we do?" "DO SOMETHING!!!"

Just like me... they don't trust the "adults" around them... because they see the myopia and apathy... I see it too. So its up to us now... go here to get started: The Nature Conservancy [link]
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I really love this.The world now is so corrupted ans full of discrimination.We need them to redesign our damaged earth.
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I'm glad you enjoy this! May the younger generations take over sooner than later. :)
I think you did a very positve picture. I love the smiles on the young centaures. I tell my self every day things will get better. Life is good.
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Thank you very much! It's important to find meaning in the work people do, even if the task is to handle mundane, repetitive, dark, dirty or dangerous things. Music helps give people their groove, everyone has their own personal soundtrack.   Singing CD Jamming to tunes 
I think you did a very positve picture. I love the smiles on the young centaures. I tell my self every day things will get better. Life is good.
MensjeDeZeemeermin's avatar
Some fun poses and ideas, your usual powerful imagination, neat character designs.
LyhliTheLuminescent's avatar
Super awesome, I love the work and the meaning!
Diana-Huang's avatar
Cool, I am glad you dig it! :D
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I absolutely love this and the message behind it.
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Great artwork.

It is truly sad state of affairs. What is much worse, in many cases, it is DESIGNED that way. I'll leave it at that for now.

The Nature Conservancy is not all sweetness and light: [link]


Do a little digging and investigation on you own, charities are not always what they seem.

Maybe do something local like plant a garden.

From an nutty un-trustworthy adult.
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thanks. I wish I could agree with you but I feel like that sort of argument is being used as an excuse to give up before anyone has really started... really. I don't think you investigated that website deep enough. Its much more than just giving money to an organization... hoping it will do the right thing.

For me its about growing a new global culture of unconventional thinkers like my students, friends and I. The current one isn't exactly working for most of us is it??? Why should we play by their rules if its not working to do so??? I was an unconventional kid that saw the lie and refused to live it, because of it I'm doing alright by many people's measures. So I'm teaching and encouraging others like me to keep going, to keep doing what they are doing. By doing this I'm trying to help the community of unconventional thinkers grow so that this new culture of smarter, braver awareness(that is resistant to the lies) can take over sooner than later. Getting jaded and giving up is the worst thing any of us can do... so much has been damaged and lost but there is a whole lot still left to protect.
creativesam's avatar
I am not asking anyone to give up. I am not asking people to do the wrong thing. I am certainly not giving up.

Your students know something is wrong, but don't know exactly what it is. I can't claim to know either exactly what is wrong. Some of this is due to new media that constantly feeds fearful images, just keeping many people in a state of constant fear. Fear sells advertising and boosts ratings. This constant arousal of the brain is taxing, to say the least. This a bit of a paradox, keep up with the news of the day to be informed but have to deal with all of the anxiety the news tends to generate.

A global government envisioned by Gene Roddenberry sounds nice and good, but really such an entity will almost certainly turn into a global empire, even if set up with the best intentions. History shows time and time again that governments tend towards tyranny and oppression. This oppression in mild forms (and not so mild) is already happening and will intensify in the coming years and may become more readily apparent.

Keep up the good work. I have no desire to discourage you in your pursuits.
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Thank you for supporting me... I need to address this since we're on the topic... brb.
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I so agree. Watch out for Antartica! :o!!
Diana-Huang's avatar
Ya know... the Ozone hole is still there! We have not closed it! That hole threatens all of us! Its there to protect life from all that radiation coming from the sun! [link] People's ignorance is going to kill all of us. We've messed up the sky, the ocean... poisoned the land... you wonder why there are so many diseases... and a rise in cancer everywhere!
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if only cleaning up the spill was that easy.

"The only robotic solution left is to send a terminator back in time to kill Tony Hayward."- Stephen Colbert

Great concept though.
Diana-Huang's avatar
Yeah... sucky isn't it? Anyways... yeah... I love Stewart and Colbert... those two are so awesome. They have the guts and the means to say what is on the minds of real people.
SandboxAlchemy's avatar
This is adorable! Great work! :)
Ruconio's avatar
Nice and right message :)
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thank you kindly! ^_^
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this is really cool, it reminds me of a line in a song "now don't get me wrong, i love what you've done with the place, i just wish we'd had a chance to help build it" the song is by enter shikari and is called juggernaughts, i just realized thats funny considering your band...anyway the song probably isn't really your taste, but i really like the message anyway...

oh, i might have not said this yet, but my god you know how to use your blues!! :)
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