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No Fury Like Heaven

By Diana-Huang
Do you see it? My favorite animal??? Took about 3 hours.

The creation and death of star systems and the formation of planets are incredibly violent events. Things smashing together, matter spewing, splitting and re-smashing again. Continental drift... plate tectonics, creates mountains and new lands. The deadly solar winds give us the glorious northern(and Southern) lights. They can knock out all of our electronics and if it wasn't for our magnetic field [link] we would all be crispy.

The violence is what creates beauty and life. My favorite space photo is the Eagle Nebula [link] and Pismis 24 [link] in Scorpio... my sign in the Western Zodiac.

I :Heart: Hubble! The work of Hubble only proves that God(if you believe in him/her/it) wants us to have science and build powerful machines to explore space. God is Science, Science is God there is no division. Inside us, down there, up there... he has things to show us, things to give us. All that is asked from us is the vision and the passion to reach out to the farthest limits of our mind and snatch the answers to all our dreams, all our questions and all our problems. The answers await... who wants to go?
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I wish I had better words than "awesome picture and awesome commentary!" Sweating a little... 

It reminds me a lot of the IMAX film about the Hubble that is currently playing at a lot of science museums and planetariums. Absolutely awe-inspiring experience.
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Cool! Its nice to know it can do that for you! Thanks for the compliment!  I love those IMAX space films too! :D
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That's one beautiful horse!!
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Beautiful capture, I really like it :clap:
Diana-Huang's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
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very nice composition!
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Beautiful colors! Nicely done
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Thank you very much! ^_^
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This is incredible. Maybe I'm partially biased because I'm addicted to all things space since I just discovered Battle Star: Galactica - But seriously, the colors in this are incredible!
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Glad you like it! Science and science fiction is my favorite genre. :)
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Just: WOW. :heart: I can't even think of words to describe how amazing this is! Love it. love the concept the artwork - love it all!


~ Sheep xx
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Thanks! I'm delighted that it makes you feel that way! :)
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Wow. <---Crappy comment, good art.
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LOL!! Its not a bad comment! Simple and too the point! :D Thank you very much!
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Unicorn! My wife would love this.
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Happy to provide! :)
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This is fabulous! Cleverly composed. Great work.
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Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
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